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No one likes coming in third. Especially Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation (News Corp.) is the world's third-largest media conglomerate. (News Corp. brings up the rear behind The Walt Disney Company and Time Warner.) However, Murdoch is way out front in one area of broadcast journalism: employment of Presidential aspirants.

roger ailes

Rupert owes this to his good buddy Roger Ailes, Chairman at Murdoch’s flagship, Fox News.

Ailes, now 71, was also number one when it came to advising Republican Presidents, whispering in the ears of Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr. However, Ailes now puts the “old” in Grand Old Party. He is the ol’ party stalwart, the ol’ party pro and the ol’ party fundraiser.

While Fox News still dominates cable news ratings, ol’ Roger wants something more: if he, personally, can’t be the 2012 Presidential Republican nominee, he wants to be the man who owns the 2012 nominee. And that better be a true Republican, i.e., a Nixon, Dole or Bush.

If anyone can do that, it would be Ailes. But Roger has been stymied.

First, where’s the meat? A GOP candidate? Despite the considerable resources of Fox News, Ailes has not been able to produce a viable candidate from his personal stable. Receiving paychecks from Roger are: Unannounced Sarah (Sources say Ailes has described Palin as “stupid” and “an idiot.”) “Im’ not a candidate” Mike. (Huckabee wants to keep that Fox paycheck.) Unannounced Righty-Rick (The already defeated Santorum is boring.) Gingrich Grinch. (A self-destructing sage.) That’s a lot of money for nothing, Roger.

The second failure was Glenn Beck, Roger’s fair-haired boy who bit the dust. Ailes’ leash let him go to the choking point and, when he made the GOP look silly and stupid, he got yanked back. He had to go. And helping Ailes dump him was the two-year long advertiser boycott, jump-started by liberals and progressives. Ailes didn’t throw in the towel easily. The cost of the boycott to Fox was over $40 million. (Credit to: ColorOfChange,, FoxNewsBoycott, Media Matters and StopBeck.)

There’s no doubt that Ailes continues to covet the role of king maker. Trouble is there is hardly anyone left to buy. “Truth-teller” Pawlenty just announced his candidacy. (Truth? He puts the excitement in bran.) There’s the unknown John Huntsman, the I’m-not-Romney candidate. And there’s Mitt himself - who’s taken-up permanent residence in the recycle bin.

Ailes is not happy.

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But, isn’t letting Roger off the boycott hook. Embracing the old adage that the best defense is a good offense, has targeted three of the biggest advertisers on Fox News as ripe for boycotting: Purina pet foods, The Jewelry Exchange and Jos. A. Banks, men’s clothes.

Roger likes dead Presidents in his wallet better than live candidates on TV.

According to, “Fox News broadcasts right-wing extremist slander, incitement to violence, political propaganda, and outright lies to promote its right-wing political agenda. This is not ‘news,’ but rather a never-ending ‘war on news’..."

No argument here.

Purina is marketed under the following brand names:

Alpo, Beggin, Beneful, Breeze, Busy, Carvers, Cat Chow, Chef Michael's, Chew Cheez, DeliCat, Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Kit Kaboodle, Kitten Chow, Mighty Dog, Moist & Meaty, Purina ONE, Pro Plan, Purina Care, Pet Gear, Veterinary Diets, Puppy Chow, SecondNature, Bonz, TidyCats, WhiskerLickins and Yesterday's News.

carl matthes

The Jewelry Exchange is also marketed as Jewelry Factory and Jewelry Source.

Sign the petition to tell them you will not buy their products as long as they advertise on Fox News.

Carl Matthes