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Charley James Is Back

Sharon Kyle & Dick Price: At last report as of this morning, Charley is still day by day able to get a night's lodging, while he pitches writing ideas to editors. We encourage to catch up with Charley's contributions and send whatever you can afford his way, as we have done. You can either send him funds directly to him through PayPal or send them to us and we'll pass them all to him.

The LA Progressive had only been up and running for a couple of months when we met Charley James, a seasoned journalist who had a way with words and didn't pull any punches. Charley submitted some of the most widely read pieces published by the LA Progressive in its early days.

charley james

Not one to cloak his message, Charley's op-eds sometimes left our readers in stitches. We remember when he submitted a piece that began, “We’ll take as a given that Glenn Beck is crazy, in the same league as Michelle Bachman and people who show up at police stations wearing aluminum foil hats demanding the cops make Martians stop beaming radio signals into their head.”

At other times, Charley would just straight up tell it like he saw it as he did when he reported on Sarah Palin's book, “Thanks to a friend at an on-line book seller, on Friday morning a courier delivered a preview copy of Going Rogue, Sarah Palin’s latest gyration in her bizarre, ongoing odyssey into fringe folk-lore, self-promotion, and an increasingly pathological need to keep yelling 'Look at me! Look at me!' like a whiny eight-year-old trying to get attention in a room full of grown-ups.”

Charley contributed to the LA Progressive regularly for a couple of years and then we learned that he had been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. After his diagnosis, he wrote a couple of pieces about the care he was receiving and then we heard nothing -- for two years.

Last week, Charley returned – in remission and back on track with his writing!! Dick and I were thrilled and relieved to learn of his successful battle with cancer. But sadly, we also learned that his battle with cancer and with life left him financially broken. Today Charlie is facing another battle, the battle with homelessness.

He has submitted four pieces in a matter of days, two of which were sent to us from a public library computer because he no longer has a place to write from. Here are his four pieces:

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At last report as of this morning, Charley is still day by day able to get a night's lodging, while he pitches writing ideas to editors.

We are encouraging readers to do as we have done and send Charley a contribution -- please send whatever you can afford his way. Here's how we did it.

1) Go to

2) Click the "Send Money" tab (it's the second from the left)

3) Send to the email address dick_and_sharon[at] - We will get the funds to Charley who is now homeless. Don't forget to replace the [at] with the @ sign.

As Charley keeps us informed, we will post updates here.

Thank you,

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle

Publisher and Editor

LA Progressive