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“The Sanders would have definitely won” thing is the political version of “men do less housework because they’re just less uptight.” –Amanda Marcotte

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The Insanity Fair of the Never Wrongs—Kathleen Wallace

This is a strange comment, many “off” items such as this have been pouring forth from those pundits who heartily backed Hillary Clinton, those who ignored any sign of dissent along the way. With virtual (and real) white noise machines to drown out anything that didn’t fit the narrative.

I will admit, I was one of the bros…..I did caucus for Sanders in one of the Midwest states. First we were told we were bros, and then simply traitors to all females, and ultimately bound for hell, sent there by Albright herself. The Trump people were told they were deplorable. I think Millennials were blamed for being in basements, and baristas got some shade too.

This isn’t about a sexist double standard, this is about a stratospherically bad candidate who had a really awful habit of insulting potential voters. Didn’t the Clinton campaign have a bit of a stipend they could have used to pay someone who maybe…I dunno—took even one low level Psychology 101 class at the local community college? They could have called a meeting in the Batcave (no Amanda, I’m not saying Hillary is a bat to be sexist, I’m saying it because though a mammal, she is one that sucks the blood out of others—mostly just Haitians though). I digress. This community college liaison could explain how it is bad form, bad policy, and just bad juju (the kind no spirit cooking can banish) to insult a potential voter base.

"Hubris" as Powell said. He also said "dicking bimbos," so what is my point? I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe this was the kind of candidacy that will need to be looked at as a case study in what not to do if you would like to win. Yes, I know she had more votes, but as the Clinton supporters were happy to point out in regard to the superdelegate fiasco—that’s the system we have and everybody knew it going in.

Okay, but about those superdelegates … In my state, Teresa Krusor came out for Clinton in….well 2008, it looks like. She didn’t bother to wait and take the pulse of her state this year at all. And superdelegates Lee Kinch, Melody Miller, and Bill Roy all signed up for Hillary too, despite this state clearly voicing a 7 to 3 margin in favor of Sanders.

Yes, they had that right by the rules in place, but of course that sort of thing pushed the flawed candidate. I’m not waxing poetic about Bernie Sanders right now, though. He helped this fiasco take place as well. An Independent run could have been successful even if it meant men cleaning while uptight. His shilling for Hillary did not save us from President Reality TV.

But I have to ask … did they really think it was a good idea to do things like bus in actors to take empty convention seats? The seats left behind by those who were tossed aside and made to feel crazy for having a problem with the fraud ridden process? They had to press so hard on those scales to make this unpopular candidate “win”. To use white noise machines to drown out dissident chatter?

Even now the Clintons can’t stop faking shit. Like that photo of Hillary happening upon a hiker a day or so after the vote in the woods. Seriously? This woman can’t seem to make it up a few damn steps without help, but we are to believe she is out doing the Walden thing? Not that it was a photo op with a donor’s daughter? But really who cares? That’s what makes it so incredibly bizarre. Even when it doesn’t matter, Hillary Clinton can’t stop faking it.

And Bill. Oh, Bill with his playing chess while others play checkers riff. I’m sure he thought that was what he was doing as he persuaded the Donald to run. What an easy buffoon to beat, he thought. And the DNC as well …”elevating” Trump in their own words. You all thought you were playing chess, but Donald Trump was playing some icky game he invented himself that involves urinating on random objects and beating things with a club, including chess boards. Thank you so much, Bill and the DNC.

clinton media

But back to Amanda Marcotte. She has her paying niche, finding sexism in every single inanimate object. I’m sure Mad Libs are part of the patriarchy (and her tweets make about as much sense as one). It is sick to use this excuse for the failure of a flawed human (not woman, a human … that’s how it isn’t sexist).

We all need to be judged on our own merits or lack thereof. Having xy or xx is not the issue; your basic humanity is. Hillary isn’t a good person, to put it simply. She would be horrible if she were a guy, like her brother Tony—look him up and have sanitizer ready for your eyes.

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To paint everyone with the sexist brush takes away attention from the real sexism that is most certainly being fought every day. Just not so much by super-wealthy-white women. They have plenty of money, no disparity in wages for them, and a wealthy woman will always find that abortion, even if they are the mistress of a Republican right-to-lifer. But brown ladies in Yemen….things aren’t looking so good, especially if you look up at all the armaments raining down.

I’m sure it is pure coincidence that donations poured in to the Clinton Foundation as weapons deals were approved post haste when the checks cleared. If you want to stop some misery for women (and the men near them) stop flooding these areas with f**king weapons. And you don’t get to call sexism every single time you fail just because you are a woman. I can’t recall how many times I saw exchanges like this: “it’s sexist to not support Hillary” and twitter user b says, “but I’d vote for Jill Stein or Elizabeth Warren, just not Hillary” — and that was met with crickets. Because in this bizarro political universe only Hillary was truly female, the uterus carrier for all of us. I saw with my own eyes an equal blend of male/female supporters for Sanders in my state … at his rally and out at the caucus.

So these pundits sure as hell don’t get to pretend the supporters of a candidate like Sanders are all bros because you want them to be. Your fevered imagination doesn’t make it so. Marcotte even claimed women voted for Trump because they thought their husbands wouldn’t hate them if they did, but they were wrong! This is some pretty crazy sexism right there…..the little women can’t think without making sure the hubby is okay with it? But they are hated anyway, Marcotte says.

The Left wasn’t present in this general election in any form. We had a moderate Republican in Clinton running against a moderate Malignant Narcissist in Trump. Choices!

There’s some projection right there. Marcotte has a special feminism that only applies to those who think exactly like her. I will admit it is an odd choice for a woman to vote Trump (or anyone besides Stein this cycle), but I imagine for some, the uncertainty of their economic situation made them do this in desperation or maybe sheer orneriness, even.

There are going to be reasons that surprise us. I saw former Bernie supporters who loathed Trump write they were going to hold their nose and vote for him because Hillary worried them too much with her Syrian no fly zone idea. You just have to listen to actually find out why people do what they do. It can be surprising.

The neoliberal experiment has brought nothing but misery and uncertainly to most, but the rage against it is nebulous and confused. Most don’t even know what neoliberalism is. They probably think it has something to do with the term liberal. They just know they are closing in on harder lives and their kids aren’t necessarily going to have it very good.

Scared people are ripe for populism, why the hell couldn’t the left scoop up the rewards and actually do something to claim people like this? Of yeah, because the left wasn’t present in this general election in any form. We had a moderate Republican in Clinton running against a moderate Malignant Narcissist in Trump. Choices! Also I don’t think the Democratic establishment would be caught dead around those they consider low life working classers.

But back to Marcotte–truly her pieces and tweets come off like reconstructing the found scrawlings of someone blocked in a cave years prior, but with a notebook, candle and hallucinogenic mold to eat while penning last thoughts.

But the one that reminds me of a bile encrusted/stuck gallstone would be Kurt Eichenwald. Have you seen this shill’s work? He had a bit about wanting to punch some “fan” who approached him….the guy was complimenting him on his work against Trump.

The “fan” told him he voted for Jill Stein and the Insanity Fair began. Eichenwald told him to fuck himself. Eichenwald neglects the fact that the Stein margin wasn’t enough to help Hillary…… and if you took out Johnson’s greater votes they would probably have gone to Trump.

So the whole demonization of third parties is just silly. It also arrogantly assumes that some are owed our votes–they don’t need to be earned. Eichenwald also shadily claimed that he had seen the opposition research on Sanders, implying that they had something on him that would keep him from being a candidate who would win in the general election.

Sure, it’s easy to say things like that without a shred of proof. I have a source who told me that opposition research on shilling “journalists” found that Eichenwald never met that Jill Stein supporter except in his own head when he was wanting to make up a premise for a new screed in which he could claim manly punching desires, but not actually have the threat of a real person punching him back, even the likely light touch of a Stein supporter. Prove I don’t have that source!

So in summary, thank you DNC, Amanda Marcotte, Kurt Eichenwald and all you other magnificent bastards who won’t admit you were wrong. Every damn thing you have been writing simply makes you come off as corrupt and incapable of growth or learning from your mistakes. And I think it’s obvious a lot of the country just isn’t listening to you anymore. Do better, assholes.


Kathleen Wallace