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Democrats Become Republicans

Lila Garrett's Connect the Dots: Have Democrats Become Republicans?—Lila Garrett

Under the leadership of the Democratic establishment, the Democratic Party has developed a tent too big to be defined, and too far right to be trusted. As a result:

  • The Democratic Party has become the Republican party…..
  • The Republican Party has become the Fascist Party..
  • And we, the Progressive majority are homeless.

The good news is, recognizing that we are joined at the hip, single issue groups are forming coalitions with other progressive groups all of whom exist to protect we-the-people instead of just the 1%.

Part of the very long list includes groups dedicated to: peace, economic justice, gender equality, racism, child protection, money out of politics, the right to choose, climate change, universal healthcare ….all of the issues related to restoring our world to a civilized planet instead of a killing field.

A coalition between two of these groups is being kicked off Monday night in Los Angeles. Here’s the info:

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LA Progressive & Beautiful Trouble Present:
Confronting Progressive Politics and The Black/Brown Vote
May 16th 2016, 7-9PM
Ward AME Church at 1177 West 25th St in LA.
Free to the public.
Contact 213 434 3643
Free event: RSVP Here

Dick Price and Sharon Kyle, co-editors of LA Progressive are our first guests. They’ll list the speakers at this event (great) and where we go from here. Come if you can. It promises to be a positive energizing, experience.

Then David Swanson joins us to report on the 7 wars we are now fighting and the lies we’re told to get public approval of them. Examples: Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam) & “weapons of mass destruction” (Iran). The media prefers to talk about Donald Trump, but the fact that we are bombing, dropping drones and invading up to 7 countries should interest even him. The book is WAR IS A LIE, part 2. We’re offering it as a premium for a contribution of $50 to KPFK.

All of this will happen between 7 and 7:30AM. Then, for the 2nd half hour, Alan Minsky and Mitch Jesirich will take over with the fund drive and offers of great gifts from our archives.


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