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Fox’ & Limbaugh’s Epic Journalism Fail: Muslim Women, Zucchini and Sexual Thoughts

RUSH [LIMBAUGH]: ‘An Islamic cleric living in Europe reportedly has warned Muslim women not to get too close to bananas, cucumbers or other produce — to avoid having ‘sexual thoughts.’ The unnamed cleric, whose directive was featured in an article in el-Senousa, a religious publication, purportedly said that if women wanted to eat these foods, a third party — preferably a male related to them, such as their father or husband — should cut the items into small pieces before serving.’ This is on an Egyptian website, Bikya Masr, reported by Fox News.”

Leave it to that bastion of “yellow journalism,” Fox “News” to plow forward with an absolutely unsourced article simply to further its anti-Muslim sentiments; and leave it to Rush Limbaugh and the conservative website, the Daily Caller, to further push this story into the blogosphere, without verification, in yet another attempt to hype hysteria over Sharia law and foster hatred of Muslims, who are, in his and Fox’ opinion, simply killing machines walking American streets and pretending to be, you know, one of us, while waiting for the opportunity to strap on a bomb and blow up Times Square.

Thing is, this article is hogwash – and the original publisher has admitted it. Haven’t seen Fox publish that.

The website that first reported the story, Bikyamasr, has since recognized the anti-Muslim sentiment it has potentially sired, and has acknowledged that the story was without credible sources. The editor, to his credit, published an editorial apologizing for the sloppy journalism that led to a firestorm of hatred against Muslims. Wrote editor Joseph Mayton, in part: ” . . . we are concerned over the manner of both our reporting on this issue and the way our article was used by a number of global organizations to promote their own partisan agendas . . . Furthermore, I originally and mistakenly quoted as ‘,’ only furthering the confusion and mistakes involved in this report.”

Fox and Rush should take a page out of this young editor’s book.

For reference, here’s the original article (translated from Arabic), written by someone named only “Iris”:

Iris: In the advisory opinion of the legitimacy of an unprecedented, wife of a sheikh living in Europe for women to eat a banana or option so as not to evoke a woman sexually.

Sheikh said that if a woman wanted to eat the banana must be sliced ​​by the forbidden women to avoid adherence to the original size.

The fatwa of Shaykh as bananas, cucumbers Ichbehn the penis of a man, and the campus also carrots, zucchini, and considered that these vegetables leads women to unleash the imagination, which eat bananas, you want to have sex with a man, saying that the woman in this condition may goes on in Tejeladtha and feel great.

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After that, or Sheikh worshipers and ended the prayer sent him a present question of what do if his wife or his daughters love the fruit and vegetables such as this, individual-Sheikh, saying that they must take himself and hidden for Onzarhn, and travel in one corner of the kitchen without you see one of them into small pieces, and then provided to them.

When last asked sarcastically how Muslims will be able to control his wives in the market, adding that he will grasp the bananas they could enjoy the pleasure and eaten whatever they wanted, Re-Sheikh, saying this is not the Hgleta .. Da between them and their Lord.

Sheikh did not mention this to the feeling that may haunt the man when he sees a woman eats a banana in front of him, what are the impressions that may come to mind if they look at the cucumber signed between the teeth of the other.”

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Good grief. For all we know, this article is the Arabic version of The Onion - and the quoted “cleric” is Egypt’s version of Wanda Sykes.

One random article on a random website, and Fox and Rush pick it up and promote it – entirely without verification. In fact, Fox Newsacknowledged in its article that it was unverified – but ran with it anyway, writing, “Questions also arose about the validity of the original published interview. An online search for the el-Senousa article, for instance, yields only results linking to the Bikya Masr report. But the mere suggestion of a strict order for Muslim women handling food has been enough to send people to website forums and Twitter to air their indignation.” (Emphasis added).

Well, I heard from a friend who heard from her brother-in-law who heard from a news stand attendant in New York who heard from a cab driver in Jersey who heard from a Wall Street banker that Fox News conducts mandatory orgies in the basement, led by Roger Ailes and starring Sean Hannity.

julie driscoll

The blonde anchors and pundits are required to wear French maid outfits, and whip-carrying brunette newscasters are decked out in black leather; Hannity wears a Tarzan outfit. Instead of porn flicks to heighten the mood, the orgy attendees watch Republican debates.

Unsourced? Sure. Completely untrue? Maybe. And yet, the “mere suggestion” . . . .

Julie Driscoll
Politics Anonymous