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If you're one of millions of Americans addicted to Fox "News," unable to control yourself when Fox and Friends comes on, convinced that Steve Doucy and Brian Kilmeade are decent and intelligent human beings you can trust to tell you the truth, and if you're inclined to believe all other sources of news are "fake," then you are almost certainly suffering the toxic effects of a brain disease robbing you of the power of reason, leaving you wandering aimlessly in an alt. universe of alt. right talking points, lies, and muddled thinking. Left untreated, this disease will not only destroy you, but is in process of destroying the country you profess to love.

fox news sickness

How can you determine whether you have this Fox "News" sickness? Well, for starters, if you think the most recent government shutdown was caused by Democrats, it's a sure thing you're suffering from Fox Toxification Syndrome (TFS), believing that a government dominated in all three branches by Republicans was shut down because of the party's that's out of power. Your brain may have been swabbed by Fox "News" and commentary so thoroughly that you forgot or never learned that the whole thing started when Trump signed an executive orders putting an artificial deadline on Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals decree, a stopgap measure intended to goad Congressional Republicans into seriously addressing the immigration issue. Trump's cruel, thoughtless, and racist edict threw some 800,000 young people into limbo.

The "Dreamers," in case you haven't heard, are kids who came here with their parents, mostly Mexicans, who had entered the country illegally. Those kids have really known no other country as their home. They live without documentation, subject to deportation though they are now in our colleges, our armed services, and in a wide array of jobs. For all intents and purposes, they are Americans, though they lack "papers." A majority of Americans of both political parties support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, but Donald Trump rescinded it a few months ago, placing those young people at peril of being separated from their parents, of being deported to countries they never knew.

If you're ok with that, or ok with maintaining their uncertain status, along with the month-to-month funding of the government indefinitely, then you're surely suffering from the Fox Tox Syndrome that makes you unable to see what's right in front of your face.

Back in 2013, when he was just a rich real estate crook, tax cheat, job exporter, groper of women, and "reality" TV "star," Donald Trump blamed Barack Obama when an earlier government shutdown was being cooked up by House and Senate Republicans.

"A shutdown falls on the president's lack of leadership," Trump said back then. "He (Obama) can't even control his own party. A shutdown means the president is weak."

That was then. Trump has now changed his tune, however. The current shutdown, he now says, isn't his fault, though he's now the POTUS. It's the "Schumer Shutdown," and the fault of the Democrats.

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Just one of Donald Trump's golfing trips to his Mar a Lago property costs more than the annual budget for Meals on Wheels, the program Republican eliminated that delivered meals to low-income seniors.

If you believe that, of course, you have a) been getting your "news" from Fox," and b) failing to do your homework to discover the architects of this anarchy.

And if you believe Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell when they cry crocodile tears about how the Democrats don't care about national security or pay for our soldiers, you probably didn't hear how McConnell blocked a bill introduced last week by Democrats to ensure that military personnel got paid (as the damned politicians get paid) in the event of a government shutdown.

Republicans also let CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) expire last year though they could have reauthorized it at any time. They didn't do that because they wanted to use 9 million poor kid's as bargaining chips, risking their health and well-being in exchange for votes to pay for Trump's idiotic wall, the one he said Mexico would pay for. Instead, Republicans are extorting money from taxpayers to pay for this colossal boondoggle, using voteless children to extort that cash.

If you're ok with that, it's almost certain you have the Fox Tox disease.

Trump and his Republican henchmen also tried to cut $460 million from a VA program for homeless veterans. If you didn't know about that, chances are you get your news and views from Fox. Or, if you knew, but just didn't care, the Fox sickness may have spread from your brain to your heart, impairing both organs.

Just one of Donald Trump's golfing trips to his Mar a Lago property costs more than the annual budget for Meals on Wheels, the program Republican eliminated that delivered meals to low-income seniors. If you didn't know that, it's likely Fox "News" is your info provider. If you're ok with that, Rupert Murdoch and his flying monkeys like Sean Hannity and Jeanine Piro are probably framing your reality, a "news source" that is little more than the propaganda ministry for corporatists, international criminals, Russian meddling ,and the American plutocracy, telling the Big Lie and repeating it daily.

And, If you're ok with that, you are enabling the plundering and perversion our nation's most sacred values.

jaime oneill

Seek help. The country you save may be your own.

Jaime O'Neill