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Q: Why is George Soros secretly spending millions since the election to:

George Soros

Media Influence, and the Question Nobody's Asking—Larry Wines

  • facilitate nightly demonstrations, pointless protests against the election results?
  • make public cry-ins fashionable, and hard-wire emotions that bypass the cerebral cortex?
  • bombard social media with viciously fear-based anti-Trump memes -- slick memes, done by experienced graphic artists with psychologists on the design teams?
  • generally foment hatred with emotionally-based claims of rampant, suddenly-escaped-from-dark-basements, post-election hate crimes that almost never check-out if investigated? (And are offhandedly identified as election-related, when the frequency is not up, and they're essentially just the man's-inhumanity-to-man kind of horrible stuff that happens all the time in America, anyway.)

A: Because the chief funders of the Democratic Establishment are oligarchs whose fear of Bernie's populism caused them to connive to get rid of him, and that success had them believing they would maintain business-as-usual for themselves as puppet-master oligarchs.

The chief funders of the Democratic Establishment are oligarchs whose fear of Bernie's populism caused them to connive to get rid of him, and that success had them believing they would maintain business-as-usual for themselves as puppet-master oligarchs.

The same oligarchs who kept Obama's Treasury and Fed in the hands of Wall Street Banksters; the same oligarchs who kept the JusticeDepartment from prosecuting the banksters who engineered the Crash and profited off everyone else's losses; the same JusticeDepartment that shut-down the Occupy movement because that which is uncontrolled is dangerous; the same ones whose influence ran the EnergyDepartment that brought US fracking from sea to shining sea; the same ones whose State Department used US taxpayer dollars to export fracking to the world; and the same ones whose State Dep't incongruously took the place of the Pentagon in arranging massive arms sales and fomenting drone wars so there'd be reason for all those countries to have all those US- and UK-made fancy weapons systems.

In short, because Soros and his oligarch buddies were scared of losing their plutocrat status with focused antiwar, anti-oligarch, education-for-all, populist Bernie, and are at least as scared of unpredictable, populist-leaning Trump in office. Of course, they can trot-out a parade of social issues to distract everyone from the economic globalist issues that are their rainforest beef and potatoes.

And, they, those chief funders of the Democratic Establishment, are -- more than anything else -- afraid that the millenials will, en masse, suddenly discover that the actual political-policy aspects of Trump's populism are much closer to Bernie's than they ever were to Hillary's. They got us all to call it Hillary's, even when she lost. But all of it was, of course, theirs.

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Hence, it's an all-out secret psychological drone war by the oligarchs who must invent a new Mary Queen of Scots. Because they desperately must cling to the failed, rotting status quo, lest they risk losing power and control amidst the chaos of change. And to an oligarch, change is, by definition, chaos.That's standard stock market operating paradigm.

In fact, what we are seeing here is a clash in operating systems. The one in your phone updates weekly, even daily. The political operating system hasn't been allowed to update in decades, because change is chaos to those who control the sociopolitical-economic operating system.

So they are financing the biggest vilification of any president-elect in American history. Lincoln didn't face any funded campaign like this to keep him from taking office, even as the country split along formal and armed lines. Our world is different, because we have overnight rates that banks charge each other, and TV ratings that determine advertising rates. So corporate mainstream media is left to learn to be "fair and balanced." We're watching their awkwardness now, because they haven't been either for a long time and they've forgotten how. With only two oranges to juggle, they are dropping them both -- faking an appearance of regaining public trust while playing the tune their corporate pipers give them.

Thus, not just Trump, but all of his appointees must conform to the prepackaged narrative as misogynist / racist / gotta-be-white-guys-running-everything / immigrants-are-job-stealers / kill-everybody's-access-to-health-care / kill-everybody's-dreams-of-college / sack-and-burn-Rome / destroy-the-library-of-Alexandria / Visigoths-coming-over-the-hill / order-more-piñatas-with-Trump-faces / and whatever other visualization for unmitigatedly evil boogeymen the narrative might yet devise.

And all must be done while the oligarchs of Soros can still get away with it. Whoa, wait -- The Oligarchs of Soros - that would make a good miniseries title, big ratings on the name alone. But not on American TV. It would never be allowed. Still, it's got a certain ring, sure to echo on "the antinews." Sure to bring funding for the social media trolls tasked to nip it in the bud by accusing any senders of being racist-misogynist-you-know-the-drill.

Don't doubt extraordinary means are queued-up and ready to counterattack in any eventuality. Just as they were to protest a Trump win. Add water and stir. Can't allow time to let them think about it. Those protesting the election outcome might realize they are the same ones who were demanding that Trump accept the results of the election outcome. That would be an expensive oops. Just distract with angst and emotion before they realize that.

Especially before their funders' brand of "being a Democrat" is forever relegated to history's junkpile by a generation of millenials who dangerously get their news free-range. Which is, in turn, why corporate mainstream media was suddenly tasked with the narrative of "beware the antinews."

Clever derisive term, eh, applying to whatever doesn't come from them. Surely it was vetted by the parent corporation, so it can become an enduring centerpiece, a subtle demand for conformity, a new ubiquitous thread weaving through "the narrative."


It's starting to seem less complicated than we thought. But much more insidious.

Larry Wines