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Glenn Beck’s Secret Files?

As congratulations poured into Washington thanking President Obama and our nation’s military for killing Osama Bin Laden, I tuned in FOX News to see what Glenn Beck might be saying. Beck was on and began talking about the celebrations across our nation saying they were a “silly spectacle” and reminded him of the way Palestinians gave out candy after Osama’s attack on 9/11


Beck should know. He’s no stranger to spectacle!

Beck continued, “Yesterday, by the way, was the anniversary of the announcement of another famous mass murderer's death. Did you know this? Adolf Hitler killed himself on April 30. And it was announced on May 1. The same day bin Laden had his first and last close encounter with American Special Forces team. But there were those who claimed Hitler never died, because he fled on two U-boats during a ghost convoy to Argentina. And the conspiracy theories never stop.”

Beck is a master at concocting conspiracy theories.

He then went on to discuss Bin Laden’s religious burial. “Why were we so cautious about following the traditional procedures for Islamic burial?...after being washed according to Islamic custom and receiving a religious funeral. I'm pretty sure, I know I've heard it from my own government, the last one, the last administration and this administration -- this guy is not a Muslim. Remember? He is a murderer. So why the need to be so religious in the burial? I bet the non-radical Muslims everywhere are offended this guy was treated with religious honors...He was a deranged killer.”

Beck went on to say that even though he is leaving FOX, he had more revelations to make before he left for good.

Does Beck have some secret files? Is he about to disclose the Mother of All Conspiracies?

I can only imagine...

Josef Stalin died in 1953. At that same time, Western scientists were successfully fertilizing a human female egg with human male sperm. It was also reported that the successful freezing of semen had been accomplished.

glenn beck

On his deathbed, Stalin requested that Russian doctors remove a quantity of sperm from his left testicle because for centuries - in countries from Greece to China - it was thought that male children were conceived by left-testicle sperm. Stalin wanted a male child to carry out his life’s true ambition: the destruction of religion and the establishment of a godless world government.

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Upon his death, Russian agents began searching for women who could be implanted with Stalin’s sperm. It was decided that two women would be chosen, giving them a back-up baby. They would have to be women who would not raise suspicion if they became pregnant. The same-sperm babies would be raised separately and in places distant from each other.

The first compliant woman was found in Saudi Arabia in 1956. She was the 10th wife of a Saudi sheik. She hated her husband and the Muslim religion and agreed to educate her son as an atheist masquerading as a devout Muslim. In 1957, she gave birth and named her son Osama, supposedly the Sheik’s 54th child. Finally, in 1960, a white Hawaiian female atheist was secretly inseminated with Stalin’s sperm by her Muslim Kenyan
husband. She carried the baby full term and in 1961 gave birth to a boy. The father said that the child would be known as Barack Obama.

I can hear Beck now: “Stalin’s hopes were doubled. His sperm giving life to twin boys, Obama and Osama!”

While Osama was being taught by nationalistic Arab Muslims to hate Westerners and Christians, Obama was whisked-off to Indonesia and was taught by Muslims to hate white people and Christianity.

From that moment to now, the story of the secret twins is pretty well known. Osama became the world’s most hated man while Obama was elected America’s president by over 10 million votes.

Then in April, 2011, Obama contacted Osama through a secret courier at his mansion in Pakistan. He was told that the time had come to start the final phase of their biological father’s 60-year plan. The final phase of Stalin’s plan would begin with a May 1 raid which would result in Osama’s “death.” The truth was, Osama’s body double would be at the mansion. Osama would move to a safe house in the city of Bethlehem. The body double would be buried at sea. DNA, which for years had been methodically collected from Osama’s relatives, would be substituted for that drawn from the body double. It would be proven that Osama was dead.

carl matthes

Carl Matthes

This was important.

I can imagine hearing Beck saying, but, there’s more!, “I predict that on Christmas eve 2011, in the City of Bethlehem, Osama will appear and claim that he has returned from the dead and is the leader of Christianity. And, that’s why, my friends, gold is your best investment. Call right now to receive important information...”

Carl Matthes