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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana

How Democracy Dies

Yesterday I was reluctantly in the gym. There were three television monitors in front of me, one set to a sports channel, one delivering CNN, and the last on Fox “News”. There was a steady stream of “random” interviews with people on the street, gathering their thoughts on impeachment. Many of the people had no concept of the process, the actual Articles of Impeachment, the evidence, the testimony, etc. From my tired, old, cranky perspective–it was the opposite of news.

While I was listening to what the average person was thinking about impeachment, or the economy–I was becoming more livid.

If “Democracy Dies in Darkness”–journalists must cast a light on the events all around us. While I was listening to what the average person was thinking about impeachment, or the economy–I was becoming more livid. Children fleeing violence and poverty were languishing in cages, separated from their families. The $1.4 trillion dollar budget (Space Force!) and the growing national debt was not addressed. The weakening of environmental protections for what we breathe and our water–crickets. A Trump campaign advisor gleefully talking about voter suppression (a direct attack on the American system)–little to no coverage. Other real news generally hidden:

  • A GOP state representative from Washington–accused of domestic terrorism–targeting violence against law enforcement and political opponents.
  • McConnell confirming 13 more fringe judges.
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  • A white supremacist, Stephen Miller –still employed as a White House advisor to Trump.
  • Cases of ignorance-fueled hatred, violence, directed at immigrants, Muslims and Jews, people of color, the LGBTQ community.
  • Trump’s betrayal of our Kurdish Allies.
  • The violent criminals pardoned by GOP governor Matt Bevin.
  • News about the differences between NAFTA and the USMCA.

A healthy, thriving democracy requires an educated, informed and engaged society. While we know that sources such as Fox “News”, Breitbart, and OANN are merely propaganda, if the analysis and outcomes of disastrous corrupt Trump/Pence/Barr/McConnell GOP policies and priorities are not covered, if we are not reminded of the lies, the obstruction, the criminal acts, the lack of coherence in foreign policy, the foundation of economic growth now predicated upon a house of Trump debt–democracy will be lost forever–and so will any real mainstream news.

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George A. Polisner