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Journalism is an exciting career, especially for those who have a passion for storytelling and reporting. Also, it is one of those careers that give much room for growth and advancement. If you are interested in becoming an independent journalist or pursuing journalism as a life-long career, it’s good you know what it takes to achieve it. This includes getting to know what the society expects from you, the training you will need to undergo as well as the skills needed, which include learning how to write an Australian essay. You might have made grammatical or spelling errors. Your formatting might not be on point. Keep revising until you have reached a satisfactory version.It would help if you also ran your essay on Grammarly to ensure no potential mistakes were left. Check out Grammarly Review for more information.

Independent Journalist

If you are interested in becoming an independent journalist or pursuing journalism as a life-long career, it’s good you know what it takes to achieve it.

Journalism is not like most careers with clear and precise steps to follow for you to achieve success. At some point, you might get confused how to acquire the right skills and how to get employers to notice you or bid for high paying jobs. These issues require careful thought, so you don’t make mistakes. If you are wondering what is independent journalism or what it takes to become a successful journalist, this article will address these challenges and the best way to overcome them. Here are the steps you need to take.


As a journalist, most of your daily tasks will revolve around writing. So you can’t decide to become an independent journalist and hate your pen. To write effectively, you will need a Bachelor’s degree. This is the key to kick-starting a successful career in journalism. Many employers in Australia prefer candidates with degree journalism, English, and communications. And those that grasp the concept of essay writing Australia.

Develop your writing skills

You can do this after leaving school, but it is advised to start it during your Bachelor’s program because it’s not easy to become a great writer. You need to put in some effort, make a lot of mistakes, and finally begin to write creative content. All these will take time. The best way to start is to begin writing on a broad range of topics, especially on events in Australia and other countries of the world. You could start a blog and become known as an online writer for a specific niche. Or you may decide to pitch and write articles for websites and blogs on popular writing platforms.

As you seek for more expansion and growth in your career, you won’t encounter problems with your work or find it challenging to get someone to write my essay for a fee before showing a prospective client your portfolio.


As an aspiring journalist, you should seek to gain more experience through on-the-job training. As you work with professionals in the field of journalism, you will gain more ideas and knowledge, which will give you insight into the world of journalism. Most students can attest to the fact that training helped them to gain insight and understand the concept behind the independent journalism definition.

Independent Journalist

Work experience

If you work as an intern in Australia, you should familiarize yourself with writing skills. Especially those related to essay writing and reporting. Websites such as Edubirdie can help you, so you can be proud to say, “Edubirdie writes essays for me.” Journalism is one of those professions where experience matters a lot. Even if you can’t work for big brands upon leaving school or find anyone online, you can choose to work for small firms and know how to write creatively. Apply for an internship with popular organizations and write for them to get you going in your career pursuits.

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When it comes to experience, most employers would prefer applicants with a minimum of one year experience, especially if you can draft an essay or create an intriguing story.

Licenses, registrations and certifications

Licenses and certificates go a long way to show your prospective employers that you are worth your “onions.” It also shows the level of your competency and professionalism. In some states or countries, you may be required to register with the authorities as a writer or an author. If this is mandatory in your locality, ensure you obey them.

Important qualities of an independent journalist

Writing skills

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to excel in journalism. You must know how to convey feeling and emotion through writing to enable you to connect with the audience.


Journalists should be able to adapt easily to newer programs and software such as WordPress.


Aside from storytelling, you should be able to relate an event in writing and express yourself creatively. This includes the ability to develop interesting plots, write about different characters, and fuse life into a boring piece of writing.


Depending on your area of focus in journalism, you will need to hold persuasion skills dearly. If you work in an advertising agency, you may be asked to come up with a creative sales copy for an ad. This means you have to ensure the content is highly persuasive to motivate people to buy the good or service.

Public speaking

You might be asked to give a speech or talk to an audience about your brand. This is where public speaking skills are highly needed. Such skills will help you to stay focus and maintain eye contact without distorting the quality of information disseminated.

Journalism is an exciting career, especially in Australia. This guide addresses the challenges facing anyone that wants to embrace the profession and possible solutions to them.

Jessica Vanier