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Yes, it's terrible that another airliner is missing over the mix of islands and ocean of extreme Southeast Asia. But as this is being written, it's been missing over the Java Sea without a trace, without clues or leads or information of any kind, for eighteen hours.

And CNN is in "Breaking News" mode. And do we say "again," or "still"-?

After ten months? Or, after eighteen hours?

When they did the same thing before, their obsession persisted not for hours or days or weeks, but for months. Months of "Breaking News" when they had NO news at all. Endlessly. Incessantly. Exclusively.

Directing inordinate resources and airtime to finding innovative ways to tell us, "We still don't know anything, but we're staying on this. Stay with us to find out all about us still not having anything to report."

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Determined to report on speculative descriptions of the dust itself, long after it settled indistinguishably back into the ground.

Playing bulldog. Teeth clenched on air as thin as that into which planes fly -- or vanish. Bulldog teeth tenaciously clamped on -- nothing. Determined, not to merely sit on the roadside and watch and wait. Resolved to keep running on stubby little legs, panting and barking, chasing hubcaps of a car that disappeared down a dusty road into a cloud. Determined to report on speculative descriptions of the dust itself, long after it settled indistinguishably back into the ground.

Determined to stay focused on the "Urgent Search." For those qualified and deployed as search (and hopefully rescue) personnel looking for 162 people, certainly, that is what we expect from them. We also expect those search professionals are too busy to stop and feed the media machine of the salacious and titillating and "if-it-bleeds, it-leads."

But for those who choose what is news, and who choose to be dedicated to reporting a singular story with no facts, to the exclusion of all else? And to do it again, after they should have learned the utter futility of doing that? Doing it again, when they've been there, done that -- for months?

So, once again, months of exclusionary, singular focus on speculation devoid of information?

During which people starved to death for want of food. People became homeless for want of jobs. People couldn't afford necessities for want of a liveable wage. People who want to obtain more education couldn't and still can't afford it. People who are obtaining more education are accruing crushing and inescapable debt. People are going without needed medical attention because intransigent politicians refuse to make imperfect new health care provisions better -- because bought-and-paid-for politicians want people to suffer and to spin that for political gain. Along with all the gerrymandering and deregulation and deconstruction of watchdog provisions so that Wall Street and the banksters and the uber-rich can "regulate" themselves.

When we so thoroughly need a watchdog, we get a dog who chases cars. And keeps chasing them past the fields of GMO corn, even after they've vanished.


Larry Wines