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KPFK's Survival Depends on Voters Casting Their Ballots!—King Reilly

KPFK is dying. Program quality has declined, leading to collapse in listenership and income.

Listener membership as measured by eligible voters was 18,651 in the 2012 Board Election. See page 8 of this document.

The current ongoing board election has 15,043 eligible voters. That’s a 19% drop in listener members over the past 3 years!

KPFK’s Board of Directors Election is ongoing until Jan. 4th, 2016. If enough voters don’t vote, KPFK will not have an elected Board of Directors and will continue its death spiral.

Unfortunately, a lot of eligible voters have not received their ballots.

To vote, first check for an email from “Pacifica Foundation”. Pacifica has many voter email addresses and emailed links to online voting October 22nd.

Some voters received this online email ballot, but mistakenly trashed it and then didn’t receive or lost their paper ballot.

If you find no online ballot, use the to click the button titled “MISSING BALLOT?” which takes you to a ballot application form.

BUT include the following information in the “Additional Notes” section of the application.

  • If you think you donated during this period, but can’t find the documentation of the date of donation, state that in the “Additional Notes” section and send in the application anyway.
  • The check or credit card date AND the amount of your donation of $25 or more, BETWEEN Aug. 18, 2014 and Aug. 17, 2015. Only donations of $25 or more INSIDE THIS TIME PERIOD qualify a person to vote in the current election. A donation for a premium DOES qualify you to vote.
  • If $50 or more was donated during this time period, a 2nd household member is eligible to vote and you should state the date, the amount of your $50 or greater donation and the name of the 2nd household member in the “Additional Notes”.
  • Optional: Before sending the application, copy the entire application onto your clipboard, including the “Additional Notes” section. Send your application to Pacifica. Then paste the clipboard contents and email your copied application to This saves your application in your sent file.

Then, if you don’t receive a ballot by Monday, December 28th, please email me that you didn’t receive a ballot. I will try to help anyone who doesn’t receive a ballot. But I ask you to have already emailed me your ballot application information. That information is lost once you email it to Pacifica.

  • Your ballot, whether paper or online, MUST BE RECEIVED by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 4th, 2016. The Paper Ballot MUST be mailed to the Oregon address on the return envelope IN TIME TO BE RECEIVED by Monday, January 4th. Don’t mail your ballot to the KPFK station in Los Angeles.
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  • DON’T send a request to the National Elections Supervisor for a ballot. I just found out this will not succeed as the NES is buried in work and has 698 unread emails, many of which are requests for ballots.
  • Obtain and send in your ballot ASAP.

A newly elected Board is needed to generate quality programming and increase listenership and income. Such achievements would afford KPFK the best chance to thrive again.

The last election at KPFK in 2012 failed to reach the required 10% threshold of voting members. Therefore, no new Board Members were elected in 2012. If the current election fails, KPFK will have no duly elected Board Members at all!

KPFK is dying. Its Board of Directors Election is ongoing until Jan. 4th, 2016. If enough voters don’t vote, KPFK will not have an elected Board of Directors and will continue in its death spiral.

There are two opposing slates of 20-25 candidates each. The slates are the Committee to Strengthen KPFK and the Grassroots Community Radio Coalition. Check out the websites for platforms, candidates and endorsers. Just click on the candidate pictures on either website to read their Statements.

There are also seven Candidates that are not aligned with either slate. Their Statements may be read here.

I support the Committee to Strengthen KPFK which has been in the Board minority the last 2 years.

The Grassroots Community Radio Coalition has held the KPFK and Pacifica Board majority the past 2 years. During this time, when the KPFK and Pacifica current board majority and management have been in control:

  • KPFK did not maintain a General Ledger (keep the books) for over a year and Pacifica has not kept its books up to date or submitted required audits for 2 years. Consequently, Pacifica failed to qualify for Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds. That’s $1 million dollars a year lost! Two million dollars lost over 2 years!!
  • Neither professional bookkeepers nor bookkeeping practices are in place yet. Soon to be $3 million lost over 3 years!!!
  • KPFK’s management, which the current board majority supports, is presently engaged in a serious labor dispute with all of KPFK’s SAG-AFTRA union represented staff for breaking their union contract.

Please forward and talk about this article with all your friends, post to your Facebook page and inform those at every progressive event you attend until January 4th about the need for KPFK voters to VOTE, lest KPFK DIES.

KPFK is a cornerstone of our progressive community. Let’s VOTE to keep it going!

King Reilly

King Reilly, M.D., is a retired Los Angeles primary care physician.