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LA Progressive -- May 4 to May 10, 2009

Source: Alternet

Source: Alternet

Who Mourns the Confederate Slave? Forget “truth”: As John Brown and Claus von Stauffenberg found, you can be right during the day, and hanged by nightfall. Yes, you can. --Jonathan David Farley

The Consent of the Governed. We can restore majority rule in California, but only if we keep it within the context of the consent of the governed. --Mark Bowen

A Philly Tragedy Reminds Us of America’s Gun Lust. No good can come from the barrel of the gun, and this nation’s long tradition of gun worship has been a story of violence, fear and intimidation.  --David A. Love

One Block, Three Pharmacies, How Come? The only way we’re going to put down that chicken wing is if they pry it out of our cold, dead hands. --Jasmyne Cannick

Sorry Folks: Happy Days Are Not Here Again. One reason we’re in this financial mess is because too few business and financial reporters at Authoritative And Respected Publications -- even the usually deliberate BBC World -- drank gallons of Wall Street’s Kool-Aid all through the Bush years. --Charley James

Obama and Pragmatism: Thinking Through Values. He can connect the dots for us, allowing us to understand why inequality is widening without deriding the rich or castigating the fortunate. --Robert Reich

California’s Budget: How Abel Raised Cain. Not surprisingly, I believe the lesson is that requiring a 2/3 vote to get a budget creates a mess.  --Sheila Kuehl

The President’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us. What many people don’t know is this money is already on the street as states and local communities line up to be the first to stimulate their state and local economies. --Anthony Asadullah Samad

Is Fox’s Glenn Beck Today’s Version of Father Charles Coughlin? With Beck and Fox News, you get all of Coughlin's paranoia, but none of his concern for social justice. And that's bad news for all of us. --Jonathan Zimmerman

Connecting the Offshore Dots. Washington is controlled by powerful self interests. Like the force inside of Luke Sky Walker and Darth Vader, the dark side has always won. --Denis Campbell

Another Reason to Skip Wal-Mart. Decent people should not support the discriminators with gay and allied dollars. Until this evil wrong is redressed, boycott Wal-Mart. --Natalie Davis

Women of the Plains, Downtown. Shelli Boone demonstrated great versatility and appeal in portraying seven women of color of various ages who played groundbreaking roles in settling the American West.--Dick Price

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Has a Stake Been Driven through Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy?Republicans have followed George W. Bush over a cliff and has once again become a regional party of the old South & a few other conservative states. --Ivan Eland

America’s Christian Soldiers Fight For Jesus In Afghanistan.With that region going to hell in a camel’s saddle, members of our glorious Army think their real mission is make born agains out of Moslems. --Charley James

Why Arlen Specter's Defection Should Terrify the GOP. The GOP cannot afford to lose more wheel horses like Specter, lest it become the fringe party, confined to the Deep South and interior West. --David Greenberg

Department of Justice Torture Report Goes Soft On Crime. According to the Times, the OPR report says that while bad judgment and sloppy lawyering were involved by men who swore to uphold the Constitution when they took their places as loyal Bushies, none should face criminal prosecution. --Charley James

The Decline (and Fall) of the G.O.P.? A third party may emerge in the style of moderate, Eisenhower-style Republicanism, which could present a formidable challenge to the G.O.P. --Robert Brent Toplin

Why Obama is Taking on Corporate Tax Havens. $700 billion in U.S. corporate earnings is now sitting in overseas accounts, which might be available to help pay for universal health insurance. --Robert Reich

A Worse Bybee Memo. Jay Bybee has a lifetime appointment as a federal judge wearing black robes drenched in the crimson blood of his victims. --David Swanson

AB 1281 Brings Outdated Racial And Ethnic Data Collection Practices Up To Current Standards. This is the ideal time to close the gap in disparity for biracial and multiracial students due to changes in federal guidelines. --Anthony Portantino

Media: Tell the Full Obama Story. Part of the reason behind print media’s decline is that modern editors put a premium on connecting stories to the ruling populist paradigm. --Natalie Davis

Inside Joe Arpaio: Arizona Deputy Calls Him a Disgrace to the Department. But Joe Arpaio seems to feel he’s a sheriff, judge, jury and executioner all unto himself and follows his own version of “the law.” --Charley James

AARP and the 26 Positions. Sex is dirty, as Woody Allen once remarked, only if it’s done right. --Al Martinez

Is Oil Worth More Than Blood In Nigeria? The World Bank says that gas-flaring in Nigeria—the process by which an oil company burns off the excess natural gas caused by oil drilling—has created more greenhouse gas emissions than in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa combined. --David A. Love

Torture? What About the Crime of Waging Aggressive War? On the sixth anniversary of Bush's "Mission Accomplished" photo-op, we should be calling for a thorough investigation of Bush's warmongering. --Joseph Palermo

The Auto Bailout Is Going Off the Road. But there's no point spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars for an auto industry that's a tiny fragment of what it was before. --Robert Reich