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This week I’ve had a rude awakening. We have been awash in the chronic lying of the President of the United States, to such an extent that it has become a national joke. Everything he says from his insistence in 2008 that Obama wasn't born in this country to his insistence that his was the most constructive 100 days in history, is a lie.

Lying Trump

We’re all aware that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961 and since Hawaii became a state in 1959 anyone with half a brain can figure out Obama was born here…although the necessity of half a brain may be the deciding factor in this case.

But nothing can exempt him from the lie of his having accomplished more for the American people than any other president in history in his first hundred days. Did he, on the other hand, do more to harm the people and tear down our democracy in those first hundred days than any other president in history? Very possibly.

He undid 60 years of progress on the environment, and, in the first 100 days he had more people killed in unnecessary violent attacks in three countries than anyone in history.

  • Mosul, in Iraq, carpet bombed under his orders, killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people….mostly children.
  • He then bombed an airport in Syria to protest Assad’s use of chemical weapons again. It is now being claimed by various pundits that it wasn't Assad. It was Isis or El Qaeda. Neither has as yet been proven, but we bombed the airport killing several innocent people just in case.
  • And Trump ordered the dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb in history on a small town in Afghanistan for no conceivable reason….except that he could. Another mass murder. All in less than 100 days.

Then there’s his tax break for the rich, from 35% to 15%, and his call for reworking the ACA so that 24 million more Americans will have no healthcare.

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Among the nightmares on his “to come” list is his budget, the most mean-spirited in history, plus the shoring up of the Nazi-style grabbing, jailing and deporting of minorities.

That monster was voted in by the Republican House just after the historic first 100. But the plan was laid out first, just to warm us up. And when we consider what’s to come we’re bound get red hot fast.

Among the nightmares on his “to come” list is his budget, the most mean-spirited in history, plus the shoring up of the Nazi-style grabbing, jailing and deporting of minorities. Particularly Hispanics. That too got a robust start in his first 100. And busy as he was, he did manage to squeeze in his now passionate approval of NAFTA. This after swearing for years that it was a disaster. He was right in the first place, of course. For the American worker all those trade deals are disasters. Low wages and non union foreign workers have replaced our workforce. But nothing will stop Trump from claiming he has done brilliantly in so little time.

Donald Trump, President of the most powerful country on earth, leader of the free world we sum you up in these words:

Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

But wait a minute. Let’s look around. Have we become so used to being lied to it has become part of our DNA? Do we now considered lying a skill instead of a sin, particularly for politicians, and do we therefore choose what to believe and what not to believe based on what serves us best economically and emotionally? If we look over our list of presidents where do we find the non liars?

All right, so George Washington admitted to his father that he chopped down the cherry tree. But he was 10 years old. He hadn’t run for President yet. And what about the rest of them? Even the ones in our lifetimes? Even the ones who appealed to us most? The charmers, the charismatic ones, the ones who serenaded us with irresistible oratory? Clinton? Obama? Was honesty the best policy to them, or was it the last policy?

lila garrett

Lila Garrett
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