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Our Nation Has Been Manchurian Candidaterized

Jerry Drucker: Five major corporations own most all of the media, including TV. Very soon, when the GOP rules the House, there will be no more PBS or NPR. Sesame Street will be replaced by K Street and daily news will come straight from the RNC.
roger ailes

Roger Ailes

At night a middle-aged couple sit in their middle class home that is about to go under water. Ernestine turns off TV, while Frank works on papers on the dining room table.

ERNESTINE: “Frank, I heard Glenn Beck say how very important the new tax cuts are for everyone and it would save the American people from becoming a Socialist State. Then he said that Obama and the Democrats have created a government monopoly. Have we become a socialist country as he said, like Hitler?”

FRANK: “You betcha, if he said so, Ernestine. Glen Beck and Rush are always right on. Obama Hussein wasn’t even born here. He don’t even show his birth certificate!” Frank pounds the table and points to papers. “You know what I’m lookin’ at here, Ernestine?”

ERNESTINE: “Something you got in the mail?”

FRANK: “You’re damn right, something that came in the friggin’ government mail. Now the friggin’ government is raising our mortgage rate on our Refi to twenty eight percent! Our friggin taxes are way up because of Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Obama! Look Ernestine, I didn’t want to tell you before, until I knew for sure, but after being in business for 63 years, the whole Let There Be Lamps factory is moving to China.”

ERNESTINE: “Oh my God! Are we moving to China?”

FRANK: “No — no, Lamps is letting go all twelve hundred of us. I get a couple extra weeks to train the Chink guy replacing me. Our medical will be cut two weeks after I leave. But I’ll have unemployment until I get a new job, thanks to the Republicans. Rush and Glen are right. Damn this Obama Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Dictator government! We’ve got to bring Obama Hussein and his friggin’ Communist-Socialist Fascist-Dictator-Gay Loving government down, before we lose everything.”

ERNESTINE: “Fortunately, you’re such a good worker Frank, you’ll get a job right away. Oh my gosh, it’s time for Dancing with the Stars. I really want Bristol to win. She’s one of us, ya know. Last time I voted for her five times. I know we’re only supposed to vote once, but we do what we have to do to keep America safe.

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Americans who have been getting their news and political information today from the likes of Fox’s Glenn Beck “I don’t know what it is, but --” (Beck often speaks from his "but--") Sean Hannity, and from AM radio’s Rush Limbaugh, etc. Those entertainers and Foxy gals constantly broadcast false statements, misrepresented facts, and pure right-wing propaganda and what ever Roger Ails learned from Goebbels. Whatever ails Roger Ails about President Obama and the Democrats will soon ail Fox viewers and will be repeated ad nauseam. Repeat lies enough times and the falsehoods become reality.

Limbaugh is on 670 radio stations across the United States. Just like Frank and Ernestine and maybe 40% of Americans are Manchurian Candidatetized by Fox and the rest of the Citizen-United Corporate monopolies. (Brainwashed, that is) When Rush Limbaugh enters their head 24/7 they become Ditto Heads.

It’s hard to believe that Tush (oops, the ‘R’ was only missed by one key -- Ironically, it was a boil on his tush that kept him from serving in the military) Now, Tush the Chicken Hawk is the voice that broadcasts to our Armed Forces Radio around the world, spitting out his hate for our Commander and Chief.

Five major corporations own most all of the media, including TV. Very soon, when the GOP rules the House, there will be no more PBS or NPR. Sesame Street will be replaced by K Street and daily news will come straight from the RNC. Lobbyists will be able to put their slick and partisan commercials on those formerly public airwaves and still demand subsidies from our government for air time.

Clear Channel Communications, based in San Antonio, Texas, is one of the Big 5 U.S. Corporations and owns close to one thousand radio stations across the country. Plus, CCC owns most of the Outdoor Communications, i.e. billboards and electronic signs. If someone leaves Los Angeles to drive across country and there will be no powerful AM or FM station’s to hear progressive talk, only Red State blather all the way to the East Coast. At the flip of a switch, Clear Channel can cut off a progressive or moderate voice and it’s happened more than a few times in the last eleven years.

It took over 40 years for the Rightys and the Corporations to overthrow our beloved country and its’ freedoms. Hopefully, younger and smarter heads will prevail in getting America back from the New World Order where greed, oil, Wall Street and Banks rule.

Jerry Drucker

Then, once again we can believe in a Sanity Clause.

Jerry Drucker

Republished from Valley Dems United, Margie Murray, Editor.