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Margie Murray, Candidate KPFK Local Station Board

The LA Progressive is proud to endorse Margie Murray, a long time peace and justice activist, who is running for the KPFK Local Station Board. Says Margie, "I support the mission of KPFK and want to help expand its reach to an even greater and more diverse listener audience".

The LA Progressive Endorses Margie Murray, listener candidate for the KPFK board.


As a long time peace and justice activist, Margie supports the mission of KPFK and wants to help expand its reach to an even greater and more diverse listener audience.

Speaking of KPFK, Margie describes it as - "a place to go to get information that is outside of today's corporate funded media outlets." She says that listening to KPFK inspires her as an artist and writer.

Margie co-authored with Brad Parker the first resolution against waterboarding and torture, "Defining "Water Boarding" as Torture and Eliminating its Practice by the United States Government" which was passed and adopted by the California State Democratic Party in June of 2008. She also co-authored with Marcy Winograd, "Stop California Law Enforcement Complicity in Federal Medical Marijuana Raids," "Support of Overturning the EPA's Rejection of California's Emission Standards" with Craig Athon and Sean Murray, and "Public Hearings on the Safety and Economic Impact of Mexican Cargo Trucks on U.S. Public Roadways" with Brad Parker. All of the above resolutions were adopted by the Los Angeles County and California Democratic Parties.

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As the newsletter editor for Valley Democrats United, a periodical that focuses on current progressive ideas and promotes education on current events, Margie stays plugged-in to the progressive community. She is involved in helping the homeless, environmental issues, net neutrality, single-payer healthcare, human rights, peace, and social justice. She is also an active member of the Local Station Board of KPFK.

To vote in the KPFK Local Station Board, you have to be a member of KPFK. To learn more, click here.

More info on Margie Murray:

Occupation: Artist/Teacher -
Vice President, Newsletter Editor for Valley Democrats United
Writer, Valley Democrats United Newsletter, LA Progressive E-zine
Editor of "Left Turn Only" - by Brad Parker
Author/co-author of numerous resolutions for the California State Party
CDP Woman of the Year 2010 from the 41st Assembly District
Member of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles
Past President of Women's Care Cottage Executive Board serving the homeless community in Los Angeles.
Student Art Instructor - Carter Sexton Art Gallery - North Holllywood
BA - University of Southern California