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Joseph Palermo's look at how humorist Stephen Colbert has gotten under the mainstream media's skin -- "Stephen Colbert Befuddles Even 'Liberal' Chuck Todd" -- led this week's LA Progressive 10 Most Read articles.

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Joseph Palermo

Joseph Palermo

Joseph Palermo is an Associate Professor of American History at Cal State Sacramento, who has authored two books on Robert F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and the Death of American Idealism and In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Robert Kennedy.

His new book, "The Eighties," will be available in February. We have discussed hosting a reading for him this spring here in Los Angeles.

-- The Editors

LA Progressive 10 Most Read Articles
January 21-28, 2012

1. Stephen Colbert Befuddles Even “Liberal” Chuck Todd,Joseph Palermo: If someone like Todd who represents a “liberal” network can’t see Colbert's parody for what it is then it truly illustrates how disconnected the corporate media have become. "

2. Who Is Sheldon Adelson and What Has Newt Promised Him?, Robert Reich: Never before in the history of American politics has a single couple given more money to a single candidate and had a bigger impact than Sheldon Adelson and his wife – all courtesy of the Supreme Court and its grotesque decisions that speech is money.

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3. Do Republican Candidates Like Most Americans?Steve Hochstadt: The Republican presidential candidates were talking to a minority of Americans, telling them they were the only true patriots. The rest of us, poor, gay, black, unionized, believers in science, supporters of a fair tax system, we were disdained.

4. Apple’s Labor Pool: Job Market or Slave Auction?Steve Mikulan: Everything about Apple (from the mocking irony of Jobs’ name to the outsourcing of its employees’ livelihoods to factories in a totalitarian police state) epitomizes big business’s attitude of contempt – not only for American workers but for America itself.

5. Awkward Family Photos: Mitt Laundry,Tina Dupuy: First Romney outsourced American jobs, destroyed companies while the CEO at Bain Capital – now his quirky down-homeness is denying a gig to a professional fluff and folder.

6. How Obama Can Win Big,Brent Budowsky: Obama 2.0 is singing on key to the real America, talking about matters they care about, battling for policies that will better their lives, championing the American notion of fair play and taking to voters a narrative that is clear, consistent and compelling.

7. Will Obama Administration Now Go After Massive Mortgage Banking Frauds? Ellen Brown: In his State of the Union, President Obama announced that he would be creating a mortgage crisis unit to investigate wrongdoing related to real estate lending.

8. Republicans Ramp Up War on Women, Tanya Somanader: Republicans in Congress and across the country are introducing a variety pack of extreme anti-abortion bills — including personhood initiatives, heartbeat bills, and fetal pain bills — that saw some success last year.

9. Stephen Colbert and Chuck Todd: Mocking the Mockery,Berry Craig: What Colbert is doing is far more edifying and far more informative than any interview Chuck Todd has offered. I suspect that’s mostly what got Todd’s goat.

10. Keynes and Hayek, Obama and the Republicans,Walter Moss: From the Reagan years to the present, conservatives have been fond of quoting Friedman and Hayek. Their influence can be seen in such documents as the Republican Party’s 1994 “Contract with America."