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Late last week, we published an article by Thom Hartmann, titled “America Is Occupied by a Dangerous Second Amendment Scam.” Hartman’s article detailed reluctance our government has in restraining the lethality of military-style weaponry in civilian hands and enforcing laws against private militias. Hartmann weighed in on the current controversy raging around interpretations of the Second Amendment.

To accompany the article, I selected a Wikimedia free-use image showing what I thought were heavily armed Proud Boyz or Three Percenters vigilantes. Unfortunately, I didn’t check into the image closely enough.

Instead of right-wing thugs, the photo shows a group called The John Brown Club that protects the rights and lives of people that groups like the Proud Boyz have targeted.

I was contacted by one of the people shown in the photo who was deeply offended, worried that having their image made public again would bring new unwanted attention to them and their colleagues, jeopardizing their safety.

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As soon as my error was pointed out to me, I replaced the image with a photo of actual right-wing vigilantes.

For obvious reasons, I’m not going to further identify the person in the photo and certainly won’t share the erroneous photo.

I deeply regret any damage I have done by mistake. I will endeavor to check more carefully when using any other such image.