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Discussing Post 9/11 America with Teka-Lark Fleming

Dick and Sharon of the LA Progressive sat down with Ms. Fleming on the anniversary of 9/11 on MP Chronicles's The Blk Grrl Show to talk about the impact that 9/11 has had on the lives of Americans since that fateful day in 2001.

Travel in the U.S. has changed in some significant ways since 9/11. Gone are the days when we'd arrive at the airport, go directly to the gate and simply board a plane without first going through a check point where shoes are removed and our bodies are scanned. To many, that is a relatively low price to pay for security. But the so-called Post 9/11 Era has ushered in a host of shifts in public policy that have considerable impact on the lives of the people living in the United States and not just around issues of transportation.

In the 13 years since 9/11, there have been major changes in immigration policy deeply affecting the American children whose parents happen to be undocumented residents.

The fact that the terrorists were foreign nationals that arrived legally in the U.S. on visas prompted action, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, stepped up enforcement along the border, additional scrutiny for visa applicants, and increased partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies.

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The post-9/11 era has sometimes been compared with the Cold War era for those seeking to understand the way security concerns have impacted civil and human rights. And although the Obama Administration dropped the “War on Terror” mantra, the reverberations continue as we see with the escalation of events in Iraq this month.


On this day, the anniversary of 9/11, host Teka-Lark Fleming of MP Chropnicle's The Blk Grrl Show interviewed Dick and Sharon of the LA Progressive at 7:00 pm at the LA Talk Live Studio. The topic of discussion – life in America after 9/11.

Sharon Kyle