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Anyone who equates Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visceral reaction of tearing up t-Rump’s speech with his ongoing destruction of the boundaries of civility, cannot call themselves a “centrist” or “moderate.” These are not two equal dynamics. Arguing that they are equal would make you an apologist for the most destructive man in history. She did not “rip one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen;” rather, she ripped the text of the speech, riddled with gross lies, given by the most destructive man in history. t-rump USED that Tuskegee Airman as a campaign prop, along with the other black people honored. He trotted out some truly honorable black people in a lame attempt to illustrate his racial inclusiveness. Most of them are not to blame.

Republicans Nasty

Though I don’t wish mortal pain and suffering on any person, I will not grieve for one of the most destructive men in the history of American media.

In a vacuum, Pelosi’s reaction MIGHT be considered radically wrongfully. But in the context of t-Rump’s rude dispensing with centuries of Congressional courtesies, including refusing to shake her hand, it was neither radical nor wrongful. Then consider the destructive and selfish nature of the speech itself. 95% lies and garbage intended to “stoke the base” and promote anything but freedom for most people. She ripped the awarding of the sacred Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh.

Though I don’t wish mortal pain and suffering on any person, I will not grieve for one of the most destructive men in the history of American media. Rush led the way for the moral and ethical rot led by the Republikkkan Party, and destroyed the boundaries of civility in broadcasting with many sensational falsehoods and attacks on the character of good people. He promoted and enabled the most destructive and dishonest politicians in American History from Gingrich to t-Rump. He became the model for hate-media that has been followed by others, and is now pervasive. IMHO, the FCC dispensing with the broadcast “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987, and “Citizen’s United” may be the two most destructive events in American social and political history. Awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush is like awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to t-Rump.

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The City of Memphis also has a bad habit of bestowing prestigious awards to undeserving people, out of misplaced sop of sympathy. A Brass Note on Beale Street is one of the highest honors an American musician can aspire to. It is reserved for a select few who created, produced, promoted or nurtured Memphis Music. In 2010 they awarded a Brass Note to Sherrye Sawyer, who had recently died, without having made, produced or nurtured any Memphis music. Rather, she was Program Director and Station Manager for WEGR-FM/Rock 103 and WREC-AM 600, playing nothing but trade journal garbage for personal enrichment on Rock 103, with one song a week featuring a Memphis musician! How generous.

Across the hall from Rock 103 ON Beale Street, I worked 30+ hours a week, playing music from the 1930’s through the 1990’s, delivering timely news and weather updates; and engineering sporting events and talk shows. Sherrye Sawyer trashed the timeless music-news-sports format that people LOVED for over 60 years in Memphis, in order to bring Gordon Liddy and Dr. Laura to the Memphis market to compete with Rush. Though she’s long gone, her legacy lives on as WREC remains a home for right-wing hate radio: Rush, Beck, Hannity, Levin and more. That’s ALL they do now, other than some sports events. For this, she was awarded a Brass Note on Beale Street!

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman