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Here's a news quiz:

snowden escapes

Who said people who leak government secrets ought to be "shot in the balls?”

A. Barack Obama
B. Eric Holder
C. Edward Snowden

If you answered “C,” go to the head of the class. Or maybe you, like me, just mined this news nugget from Huffington Post that's headlined, “Edward Snowden in 2009: Leakers Should Be ‘Shot In The Balls.’”

"NSA leaker Edward Snowden despised classified leaks in 2009, illustrating that the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee was not always the champion of transparency that he has become," the HP's Luke Johnson wrote.

"The technology website ArsTechnica published IRC chats where he railed against a New York Times story about the U.S. rejecting an Israeli request for aid to attack an Iranian nuclear site and the United States' covert efforts to sabotage Iran's nuclear program."

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Johnson's piece has a link to the Times story, which ran on January 10, 2009. George W. Bush was still president. Barack Obama wasn't sworn in until Jan. 20.

Anyway, to hear Glenn Greenwald, head cheerleader of the NSA leaker’s pep squad tell it, Snowden’s only motive in blabbing secrets on President Barack Obama’s watch was to safeguard our constitutional rights.

Could it be that pure-as-the-driven-Snowden sang now because he’s just another Obama-hating right-winger?

Berry Craig

HP previously reported on Snowden’s links to Ron Paul, the ultra-conservative, libertarian ex-GOP congressman and failed presidential candidate who's not exactly a big fan of our president.

Kudos to HP for this scoop.

Berry Craig

Wednesday, 26 June 2013