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The LA Progressive is a small operation but we're like the little engine that could. We just don't give up. Everyday, we post something, edit something, publish something. Why? Well because there are a few hundred thousand people who read our stuff. And we love it!! If that isn't affirming, I don't know what is. But here's the thing. We don't charge – so I guess you can say we are a real labor of love.

sharon kyle

And as much as I am thrilled about working with Dick and the writers and activists that contribute to this labor of love, it takes more than love to keep the lights on.

So we've been looking at different ways to generate revenue. To get a sense of what financial success looks like, I wandered over to a large successful on-line publication that we all know. On the front page side panel I found these headlines:

1) The Best Time of the Day to Have Sex
2) Nicki Minaj Fires Stylist, Hairdresser and Makeup Artist
3) FBI Releases Records on Whitney Houston
4) Marc Jacobs plays "porn baron"
5) Britney Spears Wears Short Shorts

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Later this afternoon I'll be meeting with Dick to discuss our options and to develop a plan of action but that's after I go shopping for the shortest short shorts I can find.