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Published late in the week and rising fast was Bill Fletcher Jr.'s "Apologizing for Mass Mexican Deportations." Bill is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, the immediate past president of TransAfricaForum and co-author of Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice (University of California Press), which examines the crisis of organized labor in the USA. Bill is also a Board Member for the BlackCommentator and until recently its Executive Editor.

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Topping this week's list is, once again, Mark Naison, the Fordham University professor and editor of With a Brooklyn Accent, who writes so passionately on issues of education and race. This week, he wrote "The Real Culprits in America's Decline Are Shifting Responsibility to Schools and Teachers."

-- Dick Price & Sharon Kyle, Editor and Publisher, LA Progressive

LA Progressive's 10 Most Read Articles
February 11 - 18, 2012 

1. The Real Culprits in America's Decline Are Shifting Responsibility to Schools and Teachers, Mark Naison: Are 28 percent of the homes in the United States under water because of union teachers? Can they also be blamed for the 44 percent Black unemployment rate in the city of Milwaukee?

bill fletcher

Bill Fletcher

2. Obama's No FDR, But He's Made the Case for a "New" New Deal, Ira Chernus: No matter who the Republicans nominate to run against Barack Obama, it seems clear that we’ll have a kind of presidential contest we haven’t seen in more than seventy-five years: a referendum on the government’s proper role in economic life.

3. Kamala Harris: Foreclosure Settlement Scores Points, Raises Questions, Sharon Kyle: Kamala Harris' broad smile and “down home” style was gobbled up by the crowd as members of the African American Caucus listened and showed support for their Attorney General.

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Recommended Articles

4. Mass Mexican Deportation: An Apology Ceremony That We Need to Publicize. Bill Fletcher: For right-wing populists and for too many of our own people, it is easier to blame the immigrant for our suffering than to recognize that capitalism will use whoever it can to weaken the power of working people.

5. Republican War on Birth Control Will Boost Democrats in November, Randy Shaw: Considering that polls show that 99% of all women and 98% of Catholic women who have had sex have used contraceptives, Democrats should follow Senator Barbara Boxer’s lead and aggressively frame the November elections around this issue.

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6. Will Occupy Spring Forward or Melt Down? Shamus Cooke: Most Occupiers have learned that raw enthusiasm alone cannot bring victory to a social movement; ideas matter too. Action divorced from strategy equals wasted energy, divisiveness, diversions and unnecessary mistakes. Not all tactics push the movement forward.

7. State Convention Snubs Osborn; Avoids Fight on Millionaire’s Tax, Paul Hogarth: The California Democratic Convention this weekend was not a good one for Party insurgents hoping to push for progressive change and hold its leaders accountable.

8. Veterans Caucus: The War After The War, Dick Price: Veterans who gathered last week in San Diego were eager to find out what California's political leaders might do about the alarming rates of homelessness, unemployment, suicide, and disability among the state's veterans.

9. David Brooks’s Anti-Poverty Program: “Bourgeois Paternalism," Joseph Palermo: After telling his readers he isn’t going to blame the poor for being poor because of their bad behavior, David Brooks plows right ahead and blames the poor for being poor because of their bad behavior.

10. Fighting Foreclosures: Compassion in Action, Matt Ward: Nationwide, the Occupy movement’s defense of foreclosed homes and individuals is an embodiment of the compassion espoused by the history’s greatest prophets and philosophers.