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mark naison

Mark Naison with students (Organization of American Historians site)

Fordham Professor Mark Naison's article, "Where is the Love? Thoughts on Teachers and Teaching That Educational Reformers Don’t Seem To Get," attracted the most readers for articles published between January 7 and 14 by LA Progressive. Naison's "America's Teachers See Growing Poverty Up Close" also made the week's top 10 roster.

Naison writes prolifically on his "With A Brooklyn Accent" blog and has lately been quite active with the Occupy Movement at Fordham, advocating the creation of 99 Percent Clubs as an avenue for extending the early success of the Occupiers. As a lifelong professor of History and African and African American Studies, Naison has come by his activism honestly as an early member of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Student Democratic Society (SDS) while at Columbia during the 1960s and 70s.

We're naturally delighted that he publishes with us.

Devin Griggs

Devin Griggs

Like Mark, several of our more prolific authors landed more than one article on this week's top 10 list, so we have listed the ten top authors rather than just the articles.

A special hat tip to Devin Griggs, a junior at Murray State University, where he is secretary of the College Democratsand recipient of the 2011 Kentucky State AFL-CIO Youth Award. His first contribution, "Rick Santorum: The Most Dangerous Man in the Room," made it to the eleventh spot.

Local Resource Committee Cochair Mark Naison, Fordham University, discusses using music to teach local history in the Bronx.

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