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Mock Shock Over Trump the Skunky now you have surely seen, or at least heard about, the 2005 video of Trump being taped without his knowledge outside one of those annoying celebrity gossip TV shows. In it, he is saying some really, really raunchy things about using beautiful women as playthings. Now, if you see the whole tape, there is a moment when Billy Bush, then the show's host, asks Trump what Melania thought about him coming to Hollywood to do the interview. Trump replies, "Oh, I asked Melania if it would be okay with her. She said 'Yes.'" Bush immediately followed-up, "And if she hadn't given her okay?" To which Trump replies, "Then I wouldn't be here."

trump grabs them

Mock Shock Over Trump the Skunk—Larry Wines

Which might have been enough to get the notoriously loose-lipped GOP nominee out of trouble, at least for some of what they secretly taped him saying. For some of it. Maybe even most of it. But not all. Because there's one line that's borderline rape dialog, when Trump uses an anatomical reference, blurting out, "I can grab them by their p___y. And they let me!" His words gush like a firehose with no break, but change in tone to sound a bit like he, himself, is incredulous at what he is saying: "When you're the star, you can get away with anything!"

Throughout it all, Billy Bush is heard lost in astonished laughter. Which, by tomorrow, could be the subject of another part. Because it's certainly in the same context as Trump claiming, while confirming the tape is indeed him, "I've heard Bill Clinton say worse that that on the golf course."

Perhaps. But Bubba wasn't taped on the golf course or when he played with cigars and a female intern's anatomy in the Oval Office.

The most damning fragment of the 2005 Trump tape played for hours on cable TV on a loop with the dialog as oversized screen print. It played to the exclusion of the hurricane news that had previously knocked everything else off the air. That inescapable ubiquity made It inevitable that somebody would feel obligated to comment. In fact, a lot of somebodys, since everybody needs women's votes in their home district, so nobody wanted to be left-out.

Republican leaders all sound like the Vichy French police inspector in "Casablanca" when he is handed his winnings just as he "discovers" that "There is gambling going on here?"

Thus, we got carbon-copy reactions of all the Republican leaders, desperate to go back to their old paradigm of putting space between themselves and Trump. They all sound like the Vichy French police inspector in "Casablanca" when he is handed his winnings just as he "discovers" that "There is gambling going on here?" And just like that inspector, the Republican leadership is, with a single voice, "Shocked. Shocked."

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It may be obvious and even essential irony, but it's wholly lost on the cable TV channel newsrooms. They, too, have a cloned reaction, playing all of it as "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" (it sure ain't the head of John the Baptist) as the irony evaporates in the media's own howling "me too!" of mock shock-and-awe outrage. The only thing missing is a guest spot to get the "Why, I NEVER!" from Francis Bavier's Aunt Bea, as she brings her white cloth gloves up to cover Opie's ears.

Another lemming stampede for big media. So. Any story any of us has been working on is obsolete now? Because Trump was caught on tape 11 years ago -- "caught" saying exactly what we would expect to hear him say then or now? But somehow that changes EVERYTHING? It must have, because cable TV "news" is in the biggest shark-orgy feeding frenzy since... since... when? Oh yeah, the last time CNN lost one of its airliners with a cargohold filled with all of CNN's other news, leaving them with nothing else to report.

Maybe I'm just desensitized by all the breathless bits of political panic email that floods my inbox every day. Maybe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you know there's a skunk in the room, should you be surprised when he stinks-up the place? I mean, really. Spare me all this "Shocked. Shocked."

As for the OTHER great inevitability? Yes, I've already heard from a Hillbot who made me his personal project back around June. He is in a permanent state of apoplexy that I support Jill Stein. He'll do 'purt near anything to make his point. My personally assigned partic'lar Hillbot was gushing so much at the "Trump p___y! Bwahaha!" news, I thought he might explode. His perpetual state of Hillary or Bust now became an artillery barrage of gleeful yelling, finally machine-gunning the words, "Even YOU have to vote for Hillary now! Huh?! HUH!! You HAVE to!"

I waited for my tormentor to inhale, and quietly replied, "Trump being an ass**** has nothing to do with her being a crook."


I thought he would have a stroke. If I go back to where I put the phone down, I 'spect he's still yelling. Unless he really did pass out.

Larry Wines