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Who's a Nazi?

It occurred to me that calling somebody you dislike a "Nazi," especially when they (or their programs) clearly are not, is a pretty Nazi thing to do.

It occurred to me that calling somebody you dislike a "Nazi," especially when they (or their programs) clearly are not, is a pretty Nazi thing to do. I am thinking of that strange lady who, no doubt by assignment, got schooled at Barney Frank's town hall meeting. She asked Frank how he could support such a "Nazi" program, evidently meaning that aspect of health care reform, which, in her troubled mind, requires old people to be assassinated. Of course, that aspect does not exist, but the idea is to destroy health care reform with lies if necessary, all for the "greater good"- a pretty Nazi thing to do.


The Nazis kind of wrote the book on propaganda, as we know it today from the words, deeds, and phony polls of Frank Luntz and Karl Rove. They knew how to manipulate people, kill enemies and undesirables, and do a whole lot of bombing and shooting to make their point. They invaded and occupied countries that did not provoke them. And if someone had the temerity to ask for a rationale, it was all about the national security, and some Communist threat, or the threat of Jews. And then the questioner would never question again.

The Nazis said they believed in God, because that would appeal to people. Of course they didn't really care, after awhile, what really appealed to people. Maybe early on they did, and kind of catered to that. But you can't have civil strife while invading, say, Poland, or Iraq, so pacification kind of works. Tell people what they want to hear, make them think they are voting, scare them if necessary and certainly kill them if you must.

I'm trying to conjure up a whole lot of differences between how those guys worked it and how the right wing is working things now. "Media Matters", to which I subscribe and recommend, can't collate and rebut the Fox News Channel lies and disinformation fast enough. There are just so damn many storm troopers. And the "mainstream media" is not really rebutting them at all; indeed in some cases, as with the latest "Death Book" legend, they are advancing the tale.

So indeed, there's a Nazi problem, but it's not Barack Obama. In fact, he could not be less of a Nazi. Perhaps a little "Nazi" might go a long way. To be fair, there is a little residual Nazi dabbling, left over from the previous administration: I read with some consternation that his administration is maintaining the "rendition" program initiated (I guess) by Chancellor Bush. Excuse me, President Bush (see how easy it is to get into this game?) and his friend Herr Cheney. Vice President Dick Cheney, that is. The program sends suspected terrorists to foreign countries for questioning. I can think of only one reason to do that (since I have no doubt we have enough agents with billy clubs here to "question" a suspect), and that is because the foreigners are rather frightening.

I also read that Cheney, who cannot shut down his propaganda machine (otherwise known as his mouth) is claiming vindication with the latest CIA secret papers release (torture works!) while at the same time claiming, in the Nazi style of The Big Lie, - with globs of hypocrisy and irony - that Obama is "politicizing the Justice Department" (perhaps because AG Eric Holder is kind looking into some torture that went a bit awry). Talk about an ingrate! Hasn't Obama bent over backward preventing Mr. Cheney and his lackey Bush from prosecution? So if the Justice Department is being politicized, it's going in Cheney's direction. But alas, the (real) Nazis were similarly very big on hypocrisy. Whatever worked, worked for them, and they pretty much were in your face about it, with shiny boots. And, they knew nobody could do much about it, or dared to, since they were the granddaddies of "executive privilege"; ask the Russians about "signing statements".

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So perhaps, since Obama has been characterized as a Nazi (indeed Lyndon Larouche's people on 12th & Wilshire, near my home, set up a table handing out posters featuring Obama and the little Hitler mustache), it's time to take just them up the accusation. You want Hitler? I'll show you some Hitler.

And we can start with renditioning Cheney.

Not to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Hell, they'd treat him like Libya did that prodigal Lockerbie bomber. I'm talking about some place even scarier - like the Netherlands. You know, where The Hague is. Rendition his big ass there. Since he enjoys talking so much, let him talk his head off to a war crimes tribunal.

Sure when some men in black bundle up Cheney, and stick him on a plane, maybe quiet him a little with the aid of Michael Jackson's doctor, there might be a little blowback. Some screaming at Town Halls. Guys will come around with guns on their thighs and maybe even point them. But you know what? Obama's boyz got guns too, if you really want to press the issue. Big ones. Poor Limbaugh's head will explode. Maybe Glenn Beck, faced with the reality of his accusations, will pee his Dockers, and high tail it to some cave. Glenn will whimper, "How can he do this!?" And inevitably, the next question is "Who's next"? Ah yes, "who's next"? The big fear. Let people stew. Maybe engender a little respect. And then bundle up Rumsfeld.

Hey, whatever, Glenn. It's a pretty Nazi thing to do.
Robert Illes

bob illes

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Reprinted with permission from the Valley Democrats United newsletter, Margie Murray, Editor, where the article first appeared.