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War with Iran will not only destabilize the region, it will ignite a new tsunami of anti-Semitism


Iran Deal and Anti-Semitism — Lila Garrett

Welcome to Connect the Dots. I’m your host Lila Garrett still reeling from the Republican response to the peace deal Obama and his group finally struck with Iran. A world war was not only averted, but a nuclear world war.

By attacking Iran, we could very easily have resorted to drones armed with nuclear bombs because we have the technology, we have the will , and we have the Republicans. Never have they revealed themselves as sharply as they did the minute they heard that war has been avoided with Iran. These are called “conservatives,” mind you.

Again we see the trick of language at which the right wing is so expert. Republicans don’t “conserve”. They destroy. The “destroyers”—that’s the perfect name for them. To see the destroyers red faced and foaming at the mouth, demanding that we scrap the peace deal in favor of more hostility, more sanctions, more threats against Iran was stunning.

By attacking Iran, we could very easily have resorted to drones armed with nuclear bombs because we have the technology, we have the will , and we have the Republicans.

Lindsay Graham called this deal “far worse than I ever dreamed. It will be a nightmare for the region, our national security and eventually the world at large.”

Mark Rubio, who for years had enthusiastically supported diplomacy with Ira,n rolled over with: “This deal undermines our national security. President Obama has consistently negotiated from a position of weakness, giving concession after concession to a regime that has American blood on its hands.”

Republican House Speaker John Boehner said, “It blows my mind . It is wrong for the country.” He, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of Republican clones vowed to stop it. And they will if they get the “undecided” Democrats to join them.

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That was the overwhelming reaction of the Congress people we elect to represent us. They were like a pack of mad dogs going after the last piece of meat on earth. Even the infantile Donald Trump had a gripe. He took his thumb out of his mouth long enough to whine, “Why didn't we make the four American hostages part of the deal”?

Our guess is, little Donald, our negotiators thought of that long before you did. If it was doable they obviously would have done it. One of those hostages may be dead. The rest may have been so mistreated they might as well have been in Guantanamo. Iran may not want their stories to come out…just as we don’t want our political prisoners to report on our torture techniques. The least civilized thing on earth is the way countries treat their hostages.

Acknowledging that, of all the Republican reactions to the “outrageous notion” of diplomacy replacing war….the most detestable was John McCain’s. His approach was “How can we do this to Israel”. He went on and on about the anti-Israel posture of Iran, as though we owe it to the Jews to go to war with that country.

Since when is John McCain such a good friend of the Jews. Since never. He’s a good friend of the right wing, mega rich Jews, the AIPAC Jews, the Netanyahu Jews….all of whom represent the polar opposite position of the Jewish people of the world.

Worldwide there are 13 million of us. Maybe ten percent of those are in the Netanyahu camp. He barely squeaked through the last election, as you may remember. The Israeli people have had it with war. And the Jews of the world have certainly had it. Before a spate of anti-Semitism takes off, and if this Iran-US deal fails, let’s remember that the right wing of Israel does not speak for the Jews of the world, and neither does the American right. Jews are traditionally leaders in the peace and justice movements. That has not changed. That will never change. So a war with Iran will not only destabilize the region, it will ignite a new tsunami of anti-Semitism. Never doubt it.

This agreement is arguably the most civilized thing the United States has done in the last eight years. Imagine it, the rarest of all happenings. diplomacy has trumped war. Can it be? Can it set a precedent?

And most frustrating of all, can it pass this ignorant, provincial, mean spirited Congress, when so many of them have been paid off by the arms business. It is after all, the largest most powerful industry in our country. 54% of our national product is arms…drones, bombs, tanks, mines, guns guns and more guns.

It’s going to be a struggle getting this Congress to vote for peace. Can they break their war habit? Can they ever let go of the power and profit of war and develop instead the power and profit of peace? Or does that take too much time, too patience, and way too much decency.


Lila Garrett
Connect the Dots