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Winograd Stops Concert - Condemns Attacks

Winograd stops concert to condemn the actions of the attackers of the flotilla carrying aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

Last night, while enjoying the People's Free Concert for the Marcy Winograd campaign, Winograd was informed of the violent attack on a flotilla transporting aid to Palestinians in Gaza. She responded by going to the podium and informing the concert goers of the incident and reminding them that it is incidents such as this that increase the need for progressive representation in congress. She encouraged everyone to demand an end to this senseless violence.

winograd concert

For several months Winograd has been under attack for the position she has taken on the middle east conflict. Last night she spoke of being a Jewish woman, many call her a Jewish woman of conscious, who believes in basic human dignity for all. Taking that position has come at a cost.

Linda Milazzo, activist, writer and teacher, has written several pieces on the Israel/Gaza conflict and the price Winograd is paying for remaining firm and unyielding on her position. One article written by Milazzo that contains threads eerily similar to what we see playing out today, "The Israel/Gaza Faceoff in Los Angeles" talks about the reaction to 100 peace makers enroute to Gaza for a peace march. Another piece, "Waxman Attacks Winograd on Israel" contains a copy of a letter written on Waxman letter and distributed to Jewish constituents in the 36th Congressional District where Waxman attacks and misquotes Winograd’s position on the issue of Israel/Palestine.

Today, the attack on the flotilla is being condemned by nations around the world. Marcy Winograd has couragously stood on the side of peace, has taken political hits, yet has remained committed to being a candidate and representative that promotes jobs not wars.

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