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Israel US Cooperation

Publicly, our nations are allied with Israel. Privately, we give secret intelligence to Israel’s enemies in time of war.”–John Loftus and Mark Aarons, The Secret War Against the Jews

The US has always been a strong ally to the Jews and to Israel. Or so the history books tell us. The US rescued the Jews from the concentration camps and defeated Hitler. The US ensured that the Jews would subsequently have their own nation, after the horrors of the Holocaust and has stood by Israel, economically and politically, since the establishment of the Jewish state.

 Or so the history books say. In fact, the secret history of relations between the United States and Israel has been fraught with betrayal and sabotage. It is a history of duplicity and fakery, one painted with smiles and handshakes, while the hidden hand is poised to attack. As events are now moving rapidly on the stage of the Middle East, it is entirely possible that, as Henry Kissinger has stated, Israel may soon cease to exist. Disturbingly, there appear to be highly positioned Jews throughout the course of this history who have been complicit in this sabotage.

The following examples are illustrative only and are not in any sense comprehensive.

Item: The Evian conference, held in July of 1938 on the initiative of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was convened to address the plight of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution in Eastern Europe.

 Hitler himself was agreeable to the idea of other countries accepting the Jews, stating that:

 “I can only hope and expect that the other world, which has such deep sympathy for these criminals [Jews], will at least be generous enough to convert this sympathy into practical aid. We, on our part, are ready to put these criminals at the disposal of these countries, for all I care, even on luxury ships.” 

The conference, however, failed to result in the acceptance of substantially more refugees by the countries in attendance. Only the Dominican Republic offered to accept a significant number of refugees.

 According to sources, the US and Great Britain had come to a pre-conference agreement: GB would not mention that the US was not filling its quotas for Jewish immigrants and the US would not bring up the possibility of (British governed) Palestine as an option for the refugees.

The conference accomplished nothing.

Item: FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover began electronic surveillance (wiretap) of all Jewish persons within the United States in 1941. (The Secret War Against the Jews, Loftus and Aarons)

Item:In August of 1942, Rabbi Stephen Wise, head of the US Jewish Congress, received a report that Jews were being exterminated in Eastern Europe. Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles asked Wise to remain silent about this report, and for two months Wise complied. After being given the go-ahead, in November of 1942, Wise called a press conference to announce the contents of the report. The news articles concerning this conference were relegated to the back pages. Others have criticized Wise’s actions surrounding the Holocaust, calling him a “court Jew.”

Item: As the Warsaw ghetto was being reduced to ash in April of 1943, British and American officials again gathered, this time at a Bermuda beach resort, to discuss saving the Jews from the gas chambers. According to historian David Wyman, Bermuda was a façade. “Rescue was not the purpose of Bermuda. The purpose was to dampen growing pressures for rescue,” he wrote.

In fact, the conference did not come up with any sort of offer to help the Jews trapped in Eastern Europe. The British and American officials turned down a proposal to approach Hitler with a plan to transport the remaining living Jews to safety. The US refused to agree to the use of any ships to transport the refugees, “not even troop supply ships that were returning from Europe empty.” 

It has been suggested that the participants were afraid that Hitler would take them up on the offer.

In an echo of the earlier Evian conference, the US refused to lift the quotas for immigration to the US and the British declined to discuss Palestine as a possible place of refuge.

The delegates also rejected a plan to send food shipments to starving Jews in Eastern Europe.

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The conference closed with accomplishing nothing. The conference was kept secret from the public.

Item:Contrary to what the history books say, highly placed individuals within the US government worked to block the creation of the state of Israel. One of these was James Forrestal, Secretary of Defense, who was was the leader of a cabal within the Truman Administration which worked behind the President’s back to sabotage Israel’s creation. Forrestal had previously been president of Dillon, Read, a bank which financed Hitler. He had also served on the board of IG Farben-controlled General Aniline and Film Corporation and, while undersecretary of the Navy in 1941, had granted immunity to Standard Oil of New Jersey, whose ships were supplying the Nazis with oil.

Another such individual was Nelson Rockefeller, who later became Vice President of the United States. Rockefeller, who was reportedly pro-Fascist, controlled the South American vote at the UN, due to his position as assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs as well as his previous position as Coordinator for the Office of Inter-American Affairs. 

Parenthetically, Standard Oil of New Jersey was a Rockefeller-owned company. In addition, Rockefeller controlled Chase National Bank, which in 1939 had secured a $25 million loan for the Nazis.

The votes for the partition of Israel in 1947 were short of the 2/3 needed and the South American bloc was enough to swing the vote one way or the other. The South American countries, however,were largely voting against partition. According to Loftus, the Zionists blackmailed Rockefeller concerning his support of the Nazis and the necessary South American countries subsequently switched their vote to support.

Item:During Israel’s 1948 war for independence, the history books state that Israel was armed with American weapons. In fact, the US declined to arm Israel and the weapons came from Czechoslovakia.

Item:In 1973, President Nixon was briefed on the intent of the Arabs to attack Israel on Yom Kippur. Nixon sat on the report and did not alert his ally, Israel. The Yom Kippur war was nearly disastrous for Israel, which maintained heavy losses until “rescued” by Al Haig’s arms resupply efforts, which considerably undercut the White House’s sabotage.

Item: The fall guy for the Iran Contra debacle (the arms for hostages scandal) was intended to be Israel. History records, falsely, that the initial shipments of arms to Iran were sent by Israel. In fact, the arms were contracted for and were delivered by the US as early as 1984, until the realization that a fall guy might be necessary. At that point, Israel was brought into the negotiations

Item:The US’s response to the events of September 11, 2001, rather than securing a greater peace, has resulted in a massive destabilization of the Middle East. Not only have Middle Eastern countries been invaded and sovereign governments toppled on highly dubious grounds, but the blowback, in terms of radicalization of the local populace, has resulted in a seething cauldron of conflict. The intensification of discord since 9/11 has put America’s alleged ally, Israel, at even greater risk.It is not in any way a stretch to see where the pending invasion of Syria could result in the manifestation of Assad’s promise to attack Israel, should the US and her allies attack Syria.

Item: Recent studies indicate that the Iron Dome, Israel’s missile defense system for short range incoming missiles, does not work at all. Nevertheless, the funding for the Iron Dome has been picked up by the United States government.

Item: The treatment of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel has resulted in international outrage. The repeated attacks on the primitively armed Palestinians, coupled with the failure to resolve the conflict, have only provided more fuel for those who would have Israel destroyed. According to a Canadian intelligence officer, the CIA has seized on the widespread discontent with Israeli policies and is fronting “independent” media websites which are dedicated to blurring the lines between the Israeli government and the Jewish people and promoting wholesale destruction of both.

Item: In 1969, President Nixon announced that the US was unilaterally abandoning its offensive biological weapons program. In 1972, the United States ratified the Biological Weapons Convention, which came into effect in 1975. Roughly at the same time, the United States initiated work on what can only be seen as a pandemic holocaust system, via reconfiguration of its water systems, country wide. Recently, a number of US “insiders” have been warning of the imminence of a pandemic. It should not be overlooked that these pronouncements have come at virtually the same juncture that the US has narrowed its focus onto Syria, which has avowed that, if invaded, it will attack and destroy Israel.

If indeed, the covert war against the Jews is still ongoing, it would of necessity need to be conducted in a manner that does not taint the United States and its psyop friendship with Israel. The fomentation of a war with a country which has vowed to attack Israel, should it be invaded, would provide Step 1 of a plan to rid the world of the Jewish people. Step 2 would need to address those in the diaspora, and would also need to be deployed in a manner in which the US could keep its own involvement a secret, and thereby retain its public relations persona as the “leader of the free world”. A country wide pandemic, selectively delivered in the manner  could eliminate a number of demographic groups which are in disfavor, such as people of color. Given what appears to be a continuity of sabotage by the US government, some of which has been highlighted in this article, it would not be a surprise to find US Jews also in the crosshairs of a covert, selectively delivered pandemic system.

In 2004, this reporter traveled to Tel Aviv to investigate whether or not the double line system exists there. As reported in the book, EXILE, this reporter discovered that it does.

It has been suggested that Israel has become its own ghetto. Like all ghetto residents, Israelis have become vulnerable to outside attack. In this case, the policies of Israel in conjunction with the United States may have facilitated its eventual destruction. Possibly the double line water system will simply mop up whomever is left.

Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan

Out of a worldwide Jewish population of around 14 million, roughly six million Jews reside in Israel. Another six million reside in the United States.

Janet C. Phelan
New Eastern Outlook