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Military Aid to Israel

A statement calling for conditioning U.S. aid to Israel, signed by 222 delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, was submitted to the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Platform Committee. The statement urges the DNC to adopt a platform which supports “efforts to withhold $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel” in response to the planned unilateral annexation of the West Bank. Signatories to the statement join Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in calling for withholding military funds to Israel should it continue to annex Palestinian land.

CA DNC Delegate Sam Hindi, a Palestinian American, who helped draft and organize the letter, stated, “We felt that some in the Democratic Party leadership have been out of step with Democratic voters on this issue for some time. With potential annexation looming, it is past time for the Party to reaffirm the position of Democratic voters and support human rights and self-determination for Palestinians. Arab American voters have long demanded justice for Palestine, and it is heartening to see so many of our fellow Americans align with us on this defining human rights issue of our day.”

The letter comes as 71% of Democrats oppose Israel’s annexation plan, 70% support an independent Palestinian state, and 81% believe that Congress should question the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

CA Elected DNC Delegate Marcy Winograd, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, who also co-led the effort, stated, “The Platform Committee should give this statement –and the support among Democratic voters that it represents—strong consideration as they craft the Party’s policy agenda moving forward. Democrats increasingly want a foreign policy driven by the values of human rights and democracy. Continued unconditional aid to Israel would represent tacit support for the Israeli government’s illegal and inhumane actions in the West Bank and Gaza, while ignoring the wishes of the majority of Democratic voters, including American Jews.”

Under Threat of Annexation, 223 DNC Delegates Call for Conditioning of Military Aid to Israel

TO: Platform Committee of the Democratic National Committee
FR: Delegates to the Democratic National Convention
RE: Israel/Palestine in the Democratic Party Platform
July 15, 2020

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As DNC delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, we fully support efforts to withhold $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel as it unilaterally annexes the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley, which includes the Dead Sea basin, extends 10 miles into the West Bank and forms the border between Jordan to the east, and Israel and the West Bank to the west.

Please support Representatives Jayapal (D-WA), Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), McCullum (D-Minn.),Tlaib (D-Mich.), Omar (D-Minn.) and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who are calling on the U.S. government to place conditions and limitations on the continuation of military aid to Israel for settling and stealing the Jordan Valley from the Palestinians.

The billions we give unconditionally to Israel could be spent on domestic priorities and social programs benefiting our most marginalized communities in the United States

The billions we give unconditionally to Israel could be spent on domestic priorities and social programs benefiting our most marginalized communities in the United States, which is especially important today as millions of Americans suffer without healthcare, jobs, education, and housing amidst a global pandemic.

Today the Jordan Valley amounts to minimally 22% of the Palestinian land proposed for an independent Palestinian state and is home to an estimated 58,000 Palestinians.
The Israeli government’s latest annexation will leave Palestinians in control of less than 15% of historic Palestine and completely surrounded by Israel.

In light of the anticipated Israeli annexation of more Palestinian land, we urge Congress to vote no on further military aid to Israel. This unilateral annexation is illegal under international law and will only further jeopardize a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Hanieh Jodat Barnes, CA Delegate (CD-45)
Karen Bernal, CA Delegate (CD-6)
Sudi Farokhnia, CA Delegate (CD-45)
Asa Strout-Hearick, CA Delegate (CD-15)
Sam Hindi, CA Delegate (CD-14)
Murad Sarama, CA Delegate (CD-06)
Sameena Usman, CA Delegate (CD-17)
Marcy Winograd, CA Delegate (CD-24)


Karima Abdul-Khabar, CA Delegate (CD-8)
Sharon Abreu, WA Delegate (CD-2)
Nadia Ahmad, FL Delegate (CD-07)
Elizabeth Alcantar, CA Delegate (CD-40)
Jacob Allen, NV Delegate (CD-2)
Roberto Alvarez, CA Delegate (CD-38)
Marcos de R. Antuna, TX Delegate (SD-19)
Huwaida Arraf, MI Delegate (CD-10)
Daniel Arriaga, TX Delegate (SD-25)
Joey Aszterbaum, CA Delegate (CD-36)
Allan Max Axelrod, IL Delegate (CD-13)
Monica Elaine Bahtia, TX Delegate (SD-21)
Tara Bailey, AL Delegate (CD-5)
Dana Baker, CA Delegate (CD-4)
Nina Baldwin, CA (alternate) Delegate (CD-45)
Cathay Cowan Becker, OH Delegate (CD-15)
Cathy Cowen Becker, OH Delegate (CD-15)
Amber Beichler, VA Delegate (at large)
Timothy Beyer, CA Delegate, (CD-43)
Yousuf Bhaghani, CA Delegate (CD-42)
Bianchi Bill, IL Delegate (CD-05)
Heather Bishop, OR Delegate (PLEO)
Patricia Blochowiak, OH Delegate (CD-11)
Walter Bolles, NC Delegate (CD-2)
Jason Boxer, CA Delegate (CD-33)
Art Bradsley, IL Delegate (CD-16)
Valdez G. Bravo, OR Delegate (CD-5)
Caleb Burnett, AL Delegate (CD-6)
Sonya Bykofsky, MA Delegate (CD-1)
Janet Cannon, MI Delegate At Large (CD-12)
Sebastian Cazares, CA Delegate (CD-25)
CJ Cetina, TX Delegate (SD-21)
Iris Chadab, Virginia Delegate (CD-8)
Michelle Ching, CA Delegate (CD-37)
Leila Choudhury, VA Delegate (CD-5)
Jenny Chung, CA Delegate (CD-40)
Irina Cioaca, MI Delegate (CD-11)
Abigail Collins, OR Delegate (CD-3)
Gloria Conejo, CA Delegate (CD-50)
Carol Cook, CA Alternate Delegate (CD-13)
Chris Copeland, CA Delegate (CD-14)
Troy Corley, CA Delegate (CD-26)
Thomas Crews, VA Delegate (CD-7)
Bill Davis, FL Delegate (CD-5)
Mimi Dean, CA Delegate (CD-15)
Amy Dean, VA Delegate (CD-7)
Anne Dlugosz, Delegate (DA France)
Silvia Dominguez, MASS Delegate (CD-5)
Joshua Dreis-Ornelas TX Delegate (SD-8)
Tom Duke, MASS Delegate (CD-2)
Jade Duran, AZ Delegate (CD-9)
Nita Ellenbach-Lynch, CO Delegate (CD-1)
Lesley Ester, CA Delegate (CD-2)
Alexandra Evans, CA Delegate (CD-2)
Dinea Evans, WA Delegate (CD 7)
Victor Frias, CA Delegate (CD-40)
Gamal Us Gasser, FL Delegate (CD-15)
Emily Gibson, OR Delegate (CD-2)
Steve Gibson, CA Delegate (CD-27)
Bryan Girardinelli, CA Delegate (CD-42)
Ana Gonzalez, CA Delegate (CD-35)
Elizabeth Sinai Gonzalez, CA Delegate (CD-46)
Roxanna Gracia, CA Delegate (CD-41)
Jasnaam Grewal, MO Delegate (CD-2)
Alan Haffa, CA Delegate (CD-20)
Amy Hagobian, WA Delegate
Hiwad Haider, CA Delegate (CD-18)
Syed Fayyaz Hassan, TX Delegate (SD-22)
Erika Hastings, TN Delegate (CD-8)
Jared Hicks, MA Delegate (CD-7)
Kristin Hoffman, FL Delegate (CD-14)
Karen Hollis, PA Delegate (CD-5)
William Honigman, CA Delegate (CD-45)
Margie Hoyt, CA Delegate (CD-43)
Andy Hsia-Coron, CA Delegate (CD-20)
Mary Hsia-Coron, CA Delegate (CD-20)
Henry Huerta, CA Delegate (CD-38)
Zenaida Maria Huerta, CA Delegate (CD-38)
Zeina Hutchison, VA Delegate (CD10)
Katherine Huynh, CA Delegate (CD-43)
Jaci Iannello, CA Delegate (CD- 48)
Antonio Ibarra, IL Delegate (CD-11)
Blake Ivers, MI Delegate (CD-11)
Diego Jauregui, VA Delegate (At Large)
Heather Johnson, CA Delegate (CD-31)
Lucinda Johnston, FL Delegate (CD-13)
Rommy Joyce, CA Delegate (CD-19)
Mani Kang, CA Delegate (CD-46)
Michelle Kassel, TX Delegate (SD-25)
Philip Keisler, MO Delegate (CD-1)
Amanda Kennedy, AR Delegate (CD-02)
Ava Kennedy, CA Delegate (CD-5)
Halima Khan, CA Delegate (CD-9)
Talat Khan, CA Delegate (CD-31)
Kari Khoury, CA Delegate (CD-9)
Sandra J. Klassen, VA Delegate (CD-11)
Isabel Klemmer, WI Delegate (CD-06)
Chris Larranga, NM Delegate (CD-1)
Chris Larranga, NM Delegate (CD-1)
Alex Lee, CA Delegate (CD-17)
Briana Lee, MN Delegate (CD-5)
Lyndsey Lefebvre, CA Delegate (CD-45)
Jennifer Ann Leister, VA Delegate at Large
Essie Lenchner, WI Delegate (CD-2)
Andy Lewandowski, CA Delegate (CD-39)
Francis Li, CA Delegate (CD-12)
Cheng-Sim Lim, CA Delegate (CD-28)
Chris Liquori, NH Delegate (CD-1)
Elizabeth Lira, CA Delegate (CD-16)
Melanie Liu, CA Delegate (CD-18)
Pesach Lubinsky, CA Delegate (CD-31)
Jennifer Lum, Hawaii Delegate (CD -1)
Tracy Lynn, CO Delegate (CD-3)
Sarwat Malik-Hassan, NJ Delegate (CD-10)
Pratyush Mallick, TX Delegate (SD-08)
Juslyn Manalo, CA Delegate (CD-14)
Christine Mann, TX Delegate (SD-5)
Marcella Marino, Maine At-Large Delegate
Beth Martin, WA Delegate (CD-09)
Lenis Matias, FL Delegate (CD-14)
Christopher McClain, CA Delegate (CD-31)
Jamie McDole, CA Delegate (CD-6)
Maribel McKinze, CA Delegate (CD-51)
Bob MGrath, CO Delegate (CD-7)
Jamie Moffa, MO Delegate (CD-1)
Naimeh Mohammad, WI Delegate (CD-05)
Sabina Mohammad, TX Delegate (SD-18)
Luke Myers, PA Delegate (CD-6)
Hatem Natsheh, TX Delegate (SD-25)
Robert Nelson, CA Delegate (CD-27)
Noah Neumark, CO Delegate (CD-6)
Gus Newport, CA Delegate (CD13)
Mustafa Nizam, CA Delegate (CD-49)
Dotty Nygard, CA Delegate (CD-10)
Dan O'Neal, AZ Delegate (CD-5)
Margaret Okuzumi, CA Delegate (CD-17)
Abrar Omeish, VA Delegate (PLEO)
Benjamin Orjada, MI Delegate (CD-9)
Angelique Orman, OR Delegate (CD-4)
Melody Pajak, NC Delegate (CD-11)
Dayja Palma, TX Delegate (SD 22)
Josh Palmer, VA Delegate (CD-5)
Andrew Parr, VA Delegate (CD-08)
Daniel Peeden, CA Delegate (CD-35)
Ashley Pelton, OR Delegate (At Large)
Juan Perez, CA Delegate (CD-51)
Mindy Pfeiffer, CA Delegate (CD-27)
Solveij Rosa Praxis TX Delegate (SD21)
Faisal Qazi, CA Delegate (CD-39)
Stacey Ramos, CA Delegate (CD 35)
Katherine Rand, OK Delegate (CD-4)
Denis Recendez, CA Delegate (CD-32)
Colby Reed, AR Delegate (CD-01)
Bryan Reese, CA Delegate (CD7)
Samantha Reynolds, CO Delegate, (CD 2)
Faraz Rizvi, CA Delegate (CD-42)
Maha Rizvi, CA Delegate (CD-42)
Weston Roberts, CO Delegate (CD-1)
Maya Rodriguez, CA Delegate (CD-41)
Tisa Rodriguez, CA Delegate (CD-41)
Katy Roemer, CA Delegate (CD-13)
Edward Scott Rosson, Kansas, (CD-2)
Mitzi Michelle Rusk, TX Delegate (SD-1)
Lorraine Salas, CA Delegate (CD-36)
M Emad Salem, TX Delegate (SD-10)
Taran Samarth, PA Delegate (CD-12)
Ibraheem Samirah, VA Delegate-at large (CD-11)
Wendy Santamaria, CA Delegate (CD-24)
Paul Sasso, CA Delegate (CD-52)
Philip Schrager, HI Delegate (CD-1)
Carrie Scoville, CA Delegate (CD-44)
Susie Shannon, CA Elected DNC Delegate
Jeri Shepherd, CO Delegate (CD-4)
Amar Singh Shergill, CA Delegate (CD-7)
Melissa Shuen- Mallory CA Delegate (CD-15)
Aftab Siddiqui, CA Delegate (CD-10)
Chris Siddiqui, TX Delegate (CD-10)
Avneet Sidhu, KS Delegate (CD-3)
Shaun Sindelman, CO Delegate (CD-4)
Jeremy Siocon, CA Delegate (CD-52)
Jonathan Sokolow, VA Delegate (CD-11)
Norman Solomon, CA Delegate (CD-02)
Birrion Sondahl, CO Delegate (CD-2)
Josh Stanfield, VA Delegate (CD-02)
Susan Steigerwalt, MI Delegate (CD-13)
Karen Stevens, CA Delegate (CD-26)
William Moses Summerville, CA Delegate (CD-48)
William Swartz, PA Delegate (CD-4)
Andrew Swetland, CA Delegates (CD-47)
Sean L. Swoboda, CA Delegate (CD-08)
Stephanie Terrazas, CA Delegate (CD-39)
Victoria Thompson, CA Delegate (CD-7)
Omar Torres, CA Delegate (CD-19)
Carolyn Townsend, IL Delegate (CD-9)
Shirley Toy, CA Delegate (CD-6)
Igor Tregub, CA Delegate (CD-13)
Ross Trivisionno, TX Delegate (SD-18)
Alfred Twu, CA Delegate (CD-13)
Yaddi Ty, WA Delegate (CD-02)
Cynthia Cox Ubaldo, OH Delegate (CD-3)
Nazim Uddin, NC Delegate (at large)
Victor Valladares, CA Delegate (CD-48)
Juan Vazquez, CA Delegate (CD-10)
Vandearlyn Vong, CA Delegate (CD-47)
Michael Wakcher, CA Delegate (CD-29)
William Walter, WI Delegate (CD-5)
Ken Warfield, CA Delegate (CD-39)
Richard Welsh, CA Delegate (CD-30)
Miller Wey, TN Delegate (CD-5)
Robin Wilson-Derton, TX Delegate (SD-5)
Audrey Wong, CA Delegate (CD-33)
Maggie Wunderly, IL Delegate, At Large (CD-11)
Brandon Youngblood, CA Delegate (CD-9)
Brendan Ziebarth, MO Delegate (at large)