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America’s involvement in the Middle East has been going on for quite a while now. More and more people are starting to see these expensive operations, hits on civilians and overall terrible warfare in a faraway land as something completely useless and both economically and humanitarian draining for the country.

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However, no matter how many times it was promised by a new president or by Congress to withdraw troops from the region, it was always either delayed or completely ignored. In most cases, we hear the same arguments over and over about not withdrawing from the Middle East and how it would be extremely dangerous for both locals and US citizens to leave this region.

Well, let’s list all of those arguments here and see whether or not they make sense.

Leaving a power vacuum

Although it’s true that should the United States leave these regions it would introduce an insurmountable power vacuum, which will be capitalized upon by not only local warlords, governments, terrorist groups or pretty much anybody that has a gun, but also by nearby sovereign nations.

Hey, it’s a land that’s pretty much up for grabs without anybody to defend it, why not take it and bring a weird historical argument as the reason for invading?

Should the United States just stand up and leave the region, it will bring much more violence and bloodshed.

The thing is that this will definitely be the case. Should the United States just stand up and leave the region, it will bring much more violence and bloodshed. Therefore a lot more civilian victims, refugees and economic pressure on nearby countries.

Although the argument is solid, it doesn’t mean that it should continue for this long. The moment the public started talking about withdrawing the troops, the argument flared up, that it’s impossible to leave right now.

Well, then when will it be possible? How can the United States support a local central government if all they do is fight terrorist groups with the “support” of the local militia? Do they need to defeat the terrorists first to leave? No, definitely not.

The very act of the United States remaining in the region is what’s causing so many people to sign up for terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The sole reason that there is an enemy to fight, in the face of the United States, more and more people will continue to sign up and it doesn’t matter how many leaders US forces will assassinate.

Terrorist groups are like a hydra. The more heads you cut off, the more it will grow, better let those who know the local culture and are representatives of said culture deal with it.

The one thing that the United States can do is consolidate its power within a centerpiece of any involved country. However, they need to keep it under the radar. Should the terrorist groups find out that a local is financed or supported by the US, they’d be much more inclined to violence if it was just the US representing the local government.

That’s right. Leave and use those funds that were already being spent on keeping the troops there to support progressive leaders.

As long as we’re there they can’t plan another 9/11

This is another argument that keeps floating around the internet from conservatives. To be more exact, they’d usually say “as long as we keep the pressure on, they won’t dare do another 9/11”.

This is one of the most outdated arguments in my opinion. Keeping the pressure? How? By being nearby? We don’t even know where they’re hiding, the only time an engagement happens is when the fighters come out of their hiding places to raid, conduct operations of their own and etc.

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It does not require to be so close by to prevent a catastrophe that was 9/11. Why? Because technology is on a completely different level. We can trace almost every single flight that is happening all over the world.

We can find the registration of that flight almost all over the world. Even a slight confusion of numbers that we may have immediately prevents such planes from entering the United State air space. And if they dare, well, then they are shut down unless the confusion is resolved through a discussion.

Because if the pilot is told that, hey your numbers are wrong, you can’t land, what would he or she do if it’s an honest mistake? Turn around! Or maybe get permission to land somewhere else, or simply start circling next to the air space before the confusion is discussed.

There is no scenario in the world, besides a crash landing or an emergency landing that would allow an unregistered, unidentified plane to enter the United States air space without any type of warning.

Should that warning be ignored, well we have homeland security to shoot that plane down. All I’m trying to say is that staying within the region may prevent local terrorist groups from starting to even consider another 9/11, but leaving the area to destabilize it a little bit and very easily counter any attempts is much better no?

We have the technology, we can trace them, we can identify them, why waste billions in a region where we can potentially harm civilians (which we already do)?

It’s time to face the fact that we are strong enough to prevent another 9/11, there is absolutely no way an act like that could occur ever again, why? Because we’ve learned our lesson to pay attention.

What about the soldiers we’ve already lost? Have they died in vain?

This argument is classic whataboutism. What about this and what about that. Well, let’s fight fire with fire.

What about the soldiers that are still currently there? You know, the ones that are still alive and pray every day that they don’t die on the next and return to their families safe and sound? What about the families themselves that eagerly await the return of their fathers, sons, and brothers?

No, the soldiers we’ve lost in the Middle East didn’t die in vain, they died so that we could learn from our own mistakes and prevent those kinds of mistakes from ever happening again. However, their deaths will be in vain if we keep making the same mistake of sending more and more troops over the Middle East for arguably no reason.

Let’s stop with the whataboutism, it was a mistake from the beginning, and we can’t improve them by making them again. It’s baffling that people still think this way.

These are the most common arguments that you will hear from war enthusiasts and mongers. The twisting of facts, the distortion of the truth and the guilt-tripping of the American people for not supporting their soldiers who are fighting for the freedom of this nation.

But the moment you look at the truth, it immediately becomes obvious that nobody is fighting for freedom anymore, they’re fighting because they were told to, and the ones that told them to have no idea why they did it.

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It’s time to make a change, the status quo cannot continue.

Nick James