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Right HR Software

For any company to run, a proper HR is required. But selecting a functioning HR software can be a headache and long process. However, the correct software will fasten and hurry up the present procedure. The company needs to take into account various factors while choosing software which can automatically handle the HR process. There are many advantages of using automated HR software.

An HR software helps in many ways like it diminishes the time spent in tracking attendance manually, reviewing the performances, vacation leave, other benefits, compensation and other things. The errors that occur in manual handling can also be removed and it will also reduce the staff hours.

Lets discuss how to find the right HR software in the UAE?

  1. Understand the requirements of the organization.
  2. Decide on a suitable budget.
  3. Look for available HR software in the market according to budget constraints.
  4. Ask for a demo for each package.
  5. Examine which software fulfils the needs of the company.
  6. Form a category of the software available in the company.
  7. Evaluate if it is easy to implement and integrate with pre-existing applications.
  8. Ask of assurance of support after sales from the seller.
  9. Come to a point of informed decision.


Discuss with other members of the HR team and management and unanimously come up with a cognitive list in terms of priority.

First, you need to evaluate the needs of your company and the problems it might be facing for which you are searching for an answer. The next step is to analyze the size of the company, rate of growth, strategies and the amount of data entry and reporting required. Discuss with other members of the HR team and management and unanimously come up with a cognitive list in terms of priority. While beginning the search, one must ignore the HR products that do not fulfill the basic criteria.


Secondly, you must be aware of the needs and the budget constraints when looking for HR software in UAE. An expensive HR software comes with a lot of technicalities and features of customization. Before buying it, you have to check whether that is the particular thing your company needs and eliminate the product that is beyond your budget and doesn’t fulfil basic needs.


Thirdly, extensive research is required. There are many products available on the market, so evaluate those which only satisfies your needs and budget. Now with the proper discussion, you can shortlist the products and look for their pros and cons. The next step is to contact the brands that you find suitable and ask for a demo of their software. Now, disregard the ones that are not satisfying in terms of price, performance and implementation. Now you have to categorically list the pre-existing software in your company.

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Analyzation & Decision-Making

Fourthly, you have now decided on the software you want to use based on your market search and other criteria. Now you have to analyze if the HR software in UAE will be able to integrate with other existing software of your company, particularly the ones subjected to payroll and other internal procedures that are important.

The software should be friendly to the user and easy to acquire. It should be a simple data entry process. Analyze the performance, durability, flexibility, and other abilities of the software.

The most important pro should be how easy it is to implement. The ease decides if the software deserves a bonus. This process should take time and well thought out.

Following the above areas, you should be able to easily select an HR software for your company. After shortlisting a few products now you, must look into the post-sale and technical support that the HR products are providing.

The owner of the said HR product will help you to transition to this software. The more support the company provides the easier it is to implement and amalgamate with existing software.

Now you need to sort out all the pros and cons of each short-listed products and now decide the best one for your budget, needs, compatibility and use.


Finally, you can land on a product that satisfies all the needs. That being said Bayzat is one such HR product that helps you ease the HR functions. It is available in UAE. It also has special features. Bayzat has a special feature called Time Off that helps you to control the leave of the employees’ including any requests, allowances and history.

Therefore, you can forget the manual work. Using Bayzar you can also track the attendance and shift schedules. You can adjust the timings. You can communicate better. One more interesting feature is the team can manage their records and track their shifts etc. Bayzat is one of the best HR software in the UAE.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Thus, in UAE, Bayzat is a really good HR product that can be used to fulfil all aforementioned criteria, and this can ease your manual track keeping functions, allowing the employees to keep a record by themselves as well.