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Ted Lieu Iran Deal

Peace Activists Press Ted Lieu on Iran Deal—Marcy Winograd

In sweltering 90 degree heat, pro-Iran deal supporters rallied and delivered petitions at Congressman Ted Lieu's Los Angeles office this week to urge the "undecided" lawmaker to support the agreement. Sponsored by and Peace Action, the event featured actors Ed Asner, Ricco Ross, and David Clennon, as well as KPFK radio host Lila Garrett, former congressional peace candidate Marcy Winograd, (me) and Iranian Americans formerly imprisoned in Iran.

Billionaire for Endless War comedian Cliff Tasner was there to remind everyone the only people who profit from war are the weapons manufacturers. Lieu's District Director Lisa Pinto came down from the congressman's office to accept the petitions, signed by 2,500 constituents in the 33rd congressional district, which traverses the South Bay, north along the coast to Venice and Santa Monica, and into Beverly Hills.

Marcy Winograd

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