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The nightmare that is the Trump Era took what many feared would be in inexorable plunge into darkness this evening with the revelation that wannabe Emperor Donald ordered the assassination of a foreign leader deep in the heart of the bubbling cauldron of the Middle East. Make no mistake about it, General Quassem Soleimani was no saint. By all accounts he was a murderous military man responsible for many deaths in a region of the world where suffering, death, and treachery are the order of the day.

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Now, however, how much more bloodshed will result in the precipitous and impetuous decision that very well could turn out to be a declaration of war. How many more deaths and how much more unstable will that region of the world become, and to what extent has the lack of diplomatic entreaties in the wake of the Iranian nuclear agreement and the subsequent sanctions and other overt provocations by this President led up to this catastrophic miscalculation?

The world order has been threatened by fanatical dictators, ruthless kings, heartless emperors, madmen whose disregard for human life knows no bounds, and leadership regimes whose ranks have been infected by misplaced loyalty to individuals whose intentions are driven by the need for power and control. The United States of America has prided itself on a system of judicial adjudication for those whose crimes are unfathomable. In many instances, such as Nuremberg, that adjudication included the death penalty. We are revered and respected for our processes of justice.

Bu this Administration simply disregards norms, processes, and foundational structures of justice and freedom baked into our Constitution that define us as the greatest living democracy mankind has ever known.

Without even a hint of contingency planning or even a thought of advising the co-equal branch of Congress, the Emperor has taken us to a place where massive loss of life is no longer a threat but virtually an assured inevitability.

With the impetuous demeanor of a spoiled child the 45th President of the United States and his henchmen and women have demeaned the notion of justice with the premeditated murder of a leader whose wide following will surely attempt to exact revenge on all those who associate with what can only be perceived as a nation built upon hypocrisy, not democracy.

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We don’t just assassinate people, we don’t forcibly separate families at the border or lock children up in cages like animals, we don’t deport those who see this country as the land of opportunity and freedom, we don’t encourage mob crowds to assault those who have different political beliefs, we don’t equate white supremicists with freedom riders, we don’t publicly attack people’s motivations because of where they live, what they believe in, what supreme power they worship, and we don’t disparage diversity or promote tribal hatred among our citizens. Yet, that is what is happening as a matter of course wrapped around false specter of an imminent threat.

Many of us have feared this moment from the day Trump assumed what he believes to be the throne but have held out hope that a system based upon fundamental fairness and transparency and the rule of law would somehow expose the evil that resides in the cavity where the heart is supposed to sit in the President’s flabby chest. But the cancer of narcissism, ignorance, mental illness, intellectual vacuousness, cruelty, misogeny, greed and vanity have eaten to the core of the obese carcass that careens around magnificent greens and fairways while the firestorm that is building as a result of misplaced, ill-informed policies and petty prejudice slowly but irretrievably threatens human existence.

Without even a hint of contingency planning or even a thought of advising the co-equal branch of Congress, which is constitutionally responsible for declaring war, the Emperor has taken us to a place where massive loss of life is no longer a threat but virtually an assured inevitability. And given the disdain with which he treats our friends and the lavish praise he heaps upon our enemies there is little doubt we will be on our own. It was only a matter of time, and the nightmare is virtually upon us.

Those who enable and support this insanity no longer are entitled to a free pass. Those who fail to register opposition to this illegitimate pretender must absorb the brunt of the disaster that will follow from this insanity. Deplorables may not be the correct term, but accomplices certainly is, and aiding and abetting is treason. Collectively we must ask ourselves have we no shame, no dignity, no common sense to help guide us to what we all know is right from wrong? And, of course, it will be young men and women who will be called upon once again to defend us from our inability to engage in serious diplomatic and policy courses of action. I am literally sick to my stomach as I write this, but also overcome with anger that so many will suffer because of our failure to live up to our billing as protectors of the vulnerable.

The President is corrupt, incorrigible, incompetent, inappropriate, and incapable of adult-level decision-making. The President is a criminal and his political party and supporters bear a heavy dose of blame for sorry state of affairs that afflicts this nation. The criminal cabal that has overtaken our democracy will forever leave a stain of shame upon this sad chapter of our history. One simply cannot avoid the conclusion that the cost of reelection outweighs all other considerations. Is it really worth it? NO!

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Lance Simmens