Sharon Stands Up for “Blah” People on Cenk Uygur’s “The Point”

Thursday evening, LA Progressive Publisher Sharon Kyle appeared on “The Point,” hosted by The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur. Appearing with her were cartoonist Keith Knight, of K Chronicles and Knight Life, and comic Frank Conniff from Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

The panel discussed Rick Santorum’s “Blah” people gaffe, and also broke down points from Mark Steinberg on “Fly Overs” . The panel finished by discussing a tweet by Ellen Barkin after she had been (gently) manhandled by a New York police officer.



  1. Kim Kaufman says

    Thanks for posting this, Sharon. Just finished watching it. Really good show. You and everyone were excellent — no matter what you thought you should have said after. It came across well. I personally think it would be really scarey to be on tv and have to come up with “profound” things to say. He’s brave to take on the topic of “white privilege” and the discussion was really honest and informative. And entertaining. Can’t beat that!

    • says

      Thanks Kim — I’m glad you liked the show. I think Cenk is doing a good job. We have to show our appreciation by “liking” it and sharing it on YouTube and all other social media. That’s one of the ways YouTube measures its popularity and decides whether to keep it going.

  2. Carl Matthes says

    Congrats, Sharon, on participating with Cenk, one of my favorite commentators, on “The Point.” I’ve not seen his new program (How do you find it on Cable?) and I was impressed with your comments and his ability to move the conversation along. Keep up the good work…Carl

    • says

      Thanks Tom — It was a lot of fun. Of course, I thought of a million things I should have said after the studio session was over. Such is life!!


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