The Legacy of Torture: Story of the San Francisco Eight

sf8posterACLU Pasadena Public Forum

“Will we face the torture chambers in our cities as well as on Guantanamo?”

Tuesday, May 12, 7 p.m.

Neigbhorhood Church
301 North Orange Grove Boulevard
Pasadena, California

Hear two of the SF8 tell their story of torture and persecution over 37 years.

The San Francisco 8, former members and associates of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, lived through Cointelpro (the FBI’s counterintelligence infiltration program of the 1970s) and torture.

They ask, “Will we face the torture chambers in our cities as well as those in Guantanamo? Are Cointelpro and the Patriot Act alive and well in America today?”

Two blocks north of the 134 Freeway, Orange Grove exit. For more information contact 626-389-4107 or


  1. Andrew M. Brown II says

    I would like to say that I’m pleased that some of the people still respect what the BPP started out years ago and what still is the main focus if we are ever going to be a “truly” non-prejudicial society. It’s very sad that what was a witch hunt in 1971 is still being kept alive by the same racist thinking that birthed this bigotry 37 years ago. The “powers that be” don’t have the good ol’ boy network to persecute innocent people.When the smoke clears The SF 8 will be exonerated once again!! God Bless and protect you!!

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