GOP Still Parched after Rubio Rebranding Pratfall

Thirsty Marco RubioIt seems the so-called savior of the Republican Party, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, didn’t quite perform on the level expected in the official GOP response to President Obama’s state of the union address.

But Rubio must have been thirsty for recognition.

Was he really the party’s sacrificial lamb? There is little doubt as to why Senator Rubio was selected to give the Republican rebuttal. The Republicans are trying to maneuver away from how a majority of Americans view them: a party that is old, white and male.

One could assume that the party wants to appeal to the Latino community because of the senator’s Hispanic ethnicity, which is a shallow attempt to persuade the American people that not all Republicans are old, white men. Yes, they may change the packaging of their message, but Rubio represents the same old Republican policies:

  • cutting taxes for the wealthy,
  • cutting education spending,
  • anti-equal rights views, and
  • an uncompromising attitude that caused them to lose the 2012 general election.

The Republicans are using Rubio, because of his heritage in an
attempt to sell their same old song and dance to the Hispanic community. It seems that their hope is the message will become more appealing if conveyed
by a fellow Latino.

The Florida senator’s address, as well as his general message, will likely fail, because the Democrats have a majority of the Hispanic vote already. A Pew Research exit poll from last year’s presidential election revealed that 71 percent of Latinos voted for President Barack Obama over a 27 percent for the candidate of the women’s binders, Willard Mitt Romney. Pew’s research also indicates that the Democrats have won a majority of the Latino vote by wide margins in the previous eight elections over Republicans.

That should prove to the Republicans that it isn’t the messenger that’s causing their problems. Rather, it is their political philosophy.

The Republican policies of boots on the ground and electrified fences along the southern border of the United States would certainly be a disincentive to Hispanics, even those who are not immigrants. The Republican Party convinced Rubio to go on national television at the Republican National Convention and in the response to President Obama’s state of the union and reproach the policies the White House proposed on immigration.

The president’s policies would allow more families like Rubio’s own parents to have easier access to citizenship than previously, as Rubio is a first-generation American. Rubio also shows through his body language and perspiration on screen that he has a lack of conviction in the platform that he claims to so proudly stand by, in comparison to President Obama, who proudly proclaims his stands on the issues, in full confidence, even on the more controversial ones, including gun control and marriage equality.

daniel hurtIt would seem to make more sense if the Florida senator was a member of the Democratic Party; the party that has stood up for equal rights, the middle class, the elderly, the immigrant — which most of our ancestors once were — and a woman’s right to choose.

Maybe Senator Rubio will see that the Democrats are more for democracy than the Republicans are for the republic, which their name claims they aim protect.

Daniel Hurt

Daniel Hurt is a freshman at West Kentucky Community College in Paducah.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


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