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LA Progressive: 22 to 29 November, 2009

Zola Moon

Medicare in Crisis: The Devastating Impacts of a Corporate Health Care Bill.But now the dust is starting to settle, and the Congressional vision for health care in the U.S. is emerging. Instead of being “progressive,” it will amount to a massive, corporate-inspired attack on American workers, the elderly, and the poor. -Shamus Cooke

False Atrocity Tales from the War in Vietnam. A young lance corporal, who could not distinguish between a legal and an illegal order, shot an unresisting, unarmed, and unnamed woman in the back, in front of children that were likely hers. He and his company commander were court-martialed. -Gary Kulik

Beyond Diversity: The Cosmopolitan Dilemma. There is, of course, an enormous difference between diversity as an idea and diversity as a reality. Moreover, many of those who profess to support the ideal harbor doubts and hostility toward it, doubts and hostility that typically focus less on attacking diversity itself than what it is interpreted to mean -Jim Cullen

International Corruption Fuels Congo’s Repressive War. Considering that the United States, China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and rotating member Uganda are all on the Security Council and all have been implicated in the report, it is no wonder the report was disseminated by rogues before it was dissected. -Georgianne Nienaber

Kicking the Can Down the Street. I am afraid to say that President Obama is even risking his presidency by this decision. From this point forward, he will lack the support of the rank and file Democratic majority and become dependent on the very Republicans whose highest priority is to defeat him in 2012. -Tom Hayden

Giving Thanks to Activist Heroes in 2009. The week of Thanksgiving offers the perfect opportunity for us to give thanks and appreciation for those in 2009 who have worked for social and economic justice. -Randy Shaw

Laughing So Hard . So, right, it’s a wonderful movie, and as much as the LA Progressive does such things, we give it four stars, a kiss and a hug and a pat on the behind, and recommend that you see it. But I think we were touched with something more that night. -Dick Price


LAPD’s New Police Chief Charlie Beck: Reformer or Redeemer? Was Beck truly the best man for the job, or a nice parting gift to Bratton and a pacification gift the Police Protection League. We certainly shouldn’t be afraid to ask the question, as suspicious as it sounds. -Anthony Asadullah Samad

Will the GOP Find a New Reagan? The question is whether today’s conservative Republicans understand that they cannot save their party by destroying it. Too many on the right have tried to conciliate a base that craves ideological purity. But ideological purity does not lead to victory. It leads to irrelevance. -Derek Catsam

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Is Secure Communities Making our Communities Secure? A new IPC report, The Secure Communities Program: Unanswered Questions and Continuing Concerns, released today highlights early evidence from Secure Communities—and experience with other ICE programs—that suggests this new program may not be living up to its name and may not be effectively making our communities more safe. -Michele Waslin

Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and the Deficit. During a White House meeting in early 1984, Ronald Reagan shocked economic adviser Martin Feldman in insisting that no tax increase in US history had raised revenue. The eminent Harvard economist penned him a memo proving that every increase in tax rates from 1917 to 1969 had actually done so. -Iwan Morgan

Retail Wars, Urban Sores: A New Jobs Project. If we can defend democracy overseas we can rebuild our decaying Main Streets. This could be a building stimulus project both political parties could respect if we see it as a restoration after a retail business war. -Craig Williams

Like Leaves, Life Always Drifts Back To Earth. Sorry to tell you this Chuck Grassley and Sarah Palin and Virginia Fox and Glenn Beck and the rest of the Teabaggers and people who think the richest nation on earth is doing just fine having one-third of its population uninsured or underinsured: The only death panel is the one inside each of us. –Charley James

Two Alaskan Women, Two Alaskan Stories. Palin and other conservatives want us to ignore the fact that shrinking the government and deregulation doesn’t help the small business person and the average worker; it turns the country over to massive corporations like Exxon Mobil. That’s what Riki Ott is telling us. -John Peeler

Sarah Palin, Riki Ott

The Remake Of Pelham 1-2-3: Why So Many Movies Today Are So Lousy. Tony Scott is a hyperactive director who cannot hold a shot anymore than a frat boy can hold liquor; his enthusiasm sloshes and staggers and gets the spins, hurls left and right and up and down, and bears no resemblance to reality. -Charley James

Atlas Wept: Exposing the Absurdity of Ayn Rand’s Ideology of Objectivism. Did Atlas shrug in response to the economic credit crisis in the fall of 2008? Don’t be too quick to answer. First ponder this question: Do you think there is more contempt and arrogance in … -Charles D. Hayes

Goldman Sachs’ $500 Million Mea Culpa. This institution deserves the full force of anti-trust law deployed against it. Maybe in open court we’ll get a glimpse into the real workings of this unworthy amalgam of greed and arrogance. -Joseph Palermo

Blues In L.A.. The stories of Blues music tell of hard times we can relate to with driving chord changes to cure all loneliness. We begin to realize we aren’t alone with our blues, as we enjoy the Blues in L.A. -S. Blair Fox

Afghanistan: What Obama Should Do Next and Why Your Opinion Matters.As the President’s decisions are made while the conflict continues, it will be incumbent upon each of us to be advocates for the highest and best position – the movement toward a global policy of choosing non-violence and diplomatic engagement over the insanity of war. -John Lundin


Top 5 Reasons Joe Lieberman Sticks It to Us. Senator Joe Lieberman continues to threaten filibuster of the Senate health reform bill even in the face of the recent Harvard study showing that 45 thousand Americans die each year because of lack of sufficient health care.