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LA Progressive: 25 October to 1 November 2009 -- Articles

Why We Support Marcy Winograd. First, haven’t we all had our fill of tepid Democrats? Blue Dogs, Red State moderates, careerists, call them what you will; we don’t need any more Democrats in Congress who pose as up-from-the-grassroots voices for the common man, only to climb right in bed with the vested interests the moment they get to Washington. -Dick and Sharon


Real Talk From L.A.’s Top Cop on His Decision to Leave, His Successor, and Black Los Angeles. I have to admit that I am sad to see L.A.’s top cop leave. While my opinion may not be in the majority as it relates to Blacks here in Los Angeles, Police Chief William Bratton has definitely been my favorite police chief. -Jasmyne Cannick

Discrimination: Now You See It, Now You Don’t. I don’t know if you have to experience discrimination first hand in order to be able to see it, but I do know that I learned a lot standing on that corner with my uncle in a wheelchair 20 years ago. For that reason, I have hope that maybe the Civil Rights Division under the Obama administration will do what it has often failed to do in the past – provide a line of defense for this country’s most vulnerable people. -Sharon Kyle

EqualityThe Siege on Gaza Continues. While Israel bears direct responsibility for the persecution of the Gaza Palestinians, many others are complicit. Most complicit is the Obama Administration, which has done nothing to end the siege, and has no visible plans to do so. -Nadia Hijab

Why I Am Risking Arrest for Medicare for All. I am going to be arrested because I believe that it is my professional responsibility to advocate on behalf of those patients who are suffering and because it is clear that traditional advocacy tools are not working. -Dr. Margaret Flowers.

The Public Option vs. the Ghost of Jefferson Davis. But in considering what compromise measure Reid DID include in the bill to make it more acceptable to the right, and to attract votes that he isn’t going to get and doesn’t need, I am deeply disturbed by the way that we chose to identify this “trigger” as the deal-breaker at the expense of fighting something else which is indeed wholly unacceptable. -Mark Bowen.

The Lawyers Who Would Torture. Acting in bad faith, the legal hacks who crafted the torture memos engaged in sham analysis and tricky legal gymnastics. Motivated by a desire to please their superiors and little else, they merely invented law out of thin air, and created a law-free zone where perpetrators could act as they pleased. -David A. Love.


How Ike Can Help Obama’s No Nukes Quest. Ike believed that nuclear weapons were the only thing that could destroy the United States. His open skies and test ban initiatives were to put brakes on the arms race and pave the way toward nuclear disarmament. President Obama is now the leader facing the nuclear menace. He can wisely build upon Ike’s effforts in seeking to control the nuclear threat that looms over the world. -William Lambers.

States Permitted to Worsen But Not Improve Healthcare? The very best possible bills now under consideration in Congress are largely bailouts for health insurance companies at public expense. The “public option,” which was originally sold to us as a path toward a single-payer solution or Medicare for all, has been reduced to — at best — a token mitigating factor in a catastrophically bad law. -David Swanson

Plamegate Rides Again: Early Peek At New Film. Truly a wonderful human drama with political suspense that should interest anybody no matter how they vote. -Charley James

It Takes a Village to Make a Public Option Work. Our village could afford to provide health care to everyone, if we weren’t spending so much to fund the war profiteers who keep us living in fear. The village providing health care to everyone would be the Public Option. -Tom Hall

Fox Is Indeed a News Outlet, One of the Worst. Fox is owned by a nut job. MSNBC is owned by a weapons company. Where are our priorities? Do not support CNN or MSNBC. Support Alternet instead. -David Swanson

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Recommended Articles

Report Says Immigration Enforcement Creates ‘Perverse Economic Incentive’ To Hire Undocumented Immigrants. Ten years later, ICE’s preoccupation with immigration enforcement was blatantly undermining the work of those trying to enforce labor laws. -Andrea Christina Nill

Child Witches. Witch-hunts have always created moral panic, mass hysteria, and public lynching of society’s most vulnerable and marginalized. -Rev. Irene Monroe

Despise the Initiative Process? New York City Shows Why Progressives Need It. New York City provides a case study of a large, ethnically diverse, California-like entity where citizen ballot measures are not an option. The result? A profoundly undemocratic city where large real estate developers call the shots. -Randy Shaw


Moving Toward a Nuke-Free World. Today, when the call for a nuclear-free world has been revived by the nuclear powers, skeptics might wonder if it is merely another propaganda ploy. Are the warriors and would-be warriors ready to forgo their nuclear toys? Probably not. -Lawrence S. Wittner

Call to Environmental, Peace & Labor Movements to Join Forces to Stop Global Warming. On earth, we have work to do — and we need to put America back to work. We need a Green New Deal that invests in both public and private works projects; installing a million solar panels on roof tops; developing wind farms; building rapid transit; repairing our aging infrastructure – ports, levees, bridges. -Marcy Winograd

O.M.G. Pandemic Level 6! It would be wise to stay informed about the new viral strain and the vaccinations so that our choices will incur beneficial outcomes for us all. Fear and hysteria about the pandemic are totally unnecessary. -S. Blair Fox

“Doom and Gloom” on the Left. Nine months into the Obama era, it’s not simply the Right that is detached from the perspectives of everyday people, and not just the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck crowd that express an “I told you so” attitude toward the President’s actions. -Randy Shaw

Confessions of a Techno-Luddite. While Pew concludes that cell “refuseniks” generally are less educated and poorer than people who have them, it concedes grudgingly there is “a subset of adults who resist cell phones simply because they do not want them. -Charley James.

Too Big to Fail: Why the White House and Congress Won’t Break up the Big Banks. The right idea is to break up the giant banks. I don’t often agree with Alan Greenspan but he was right when he said last week that “undefinedf they’re too big to fail, they’re too big.” -Robert Reich

Well-Intentioned Brookings Report Falls Short on Solutions. If the Brookings/Kenan report proves one thing, it is that immigration policy is extremely complex, and even the best intentions could have harmful unintended consequences. -Michele Waslin

When the Brothers Blast You and the… To be rendered invisible and unworthy of consideration by men who look like our fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles and the best of who we are – heroes like El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King, Jr. – is beyond offensive. -K. Danielle Edwards

Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic? And the American public, still feeling guilty over the admittedly terrible treatment of returning draftees from the Vietnam War, has retained its awe of the now voluntary military as an institution, even as it has soured on the Iraq and Afghan Wars. -Ivan Eland

Drinking Motivational KoolAid: How It All Works Financially. Even the soberest fiscal conservatives cannot avoid the power of this pitch and will jump out of his or her seat with wallet wide open! You may get in for $19, but more than half of you will spend many hundreds if indeed not thousands more. -Denis Campbell