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LA Progressive: 26 July to 1 August 2009

A Teachable Moment: Police Authority and Racism. President Obama was right the first time when he said the police acted stupidly, because they should know better. It’s unfortunate that the president found it necessary to step back and retract the remark because until we can see this kind of action with some objectivity, we will never learn enough to actually be objective in such matters. -Charles D. Hayes

Photo: Kenny Muir

Photo: Kenny Muir

The Health Care Ten-Ton Gorilla Is… It is time to kill the ten-ton gorilla, create real jobs for the paper pushing, coverage-denying employees of this unhealthy insurance industry, and work to clean up the health of our own lives as well as that of our nations with single-payer health insurance. -Wayne Williams

Ode to John Holoman. Thank you John for the difference you made in our world, in my world, and for being a man’s man. A living example that we can be all that we desire to be. We will miss you dearly. --Anthony Asadullah Samad

Celebrate LGBT Pride: Come By and Say “Hi”. On August 8, Northeast Los Angeles will join many Southern California areas celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride. --Carl Matthes

Bowling, Basketball, BCS, Baseball, and Birdies: Obama’s Use of Sport to Connect. For the sheer frequency of sports appearances, pronouncements, and use however, Obama has set a pace that is beyond anything his predecessors did in office. --Russ Crawford

Let Obama be Obama. President Obama was the one that was most in tuned to both the welfare of the Gay citizenry and the liberal views I hold near and dear. I campaigned for him, he won, and now it seems my role, and that of all his supporters is to support him. --Jason Wittman

Blacks and Latinos Hit Harder in Hard Times. Unemployment is and always has been much higher in Black and Latino communities. But the gap has widened during this recession. In fact, Black unemployment is nearly double that of Whites, while Latinos are unemployed at a rate one-third higher than their White counterparts. --David A. Love

Lou Dobbs Show Promotes Myth That ‘Gaping Loophole’ Will Provide Health Care Coverage For ‘Illegals’. If Congress decides to take up comprehensive immigration reform, there’s also the likely possibility that illegal immigration will be addressed head-on by putting undocumented immigrants on a path to legalization. --Andrea Christina Nill

What's Been Missing from Obama's Response to the Arrest of Henry Louis Gates. I understand that Obama, as the first African American to assume the presidency, has to walk a racial tight rope, a burden no other American president has had to bear. But as an African American woman who cried the night he was elected and cried the day he was inaugurated, I feel a deep sense of betrayal. --Arica L. Coleman

Lessons from Sudan for Iraq. As U.S. forces pull back and before Iraq explodes into a civil war that will make the prior ethno-sectarian conflict look like a day at the beach, the United States should take some lessons from the successful resolution in Sudan. --Ivan Eland

Repealing Prop 8: Should We Do it in 2010 – or 2012? Marriage equality groups are determined to fight hard regardless of when “the movement” decides on a 2010 or 2012 date, but I’m hazy on who exactly will make that decision. –Paul Hogarth

Rep. Michele Bachmann Distorts Immigration To Block Health Care Bill. Bachmann doesn’t point out that 9.5 million of uninsured noncitizens that she cites includes both legal and undocumented immigrants. --Andrea Christina Nill

Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) Fight Against Gay Marriage A No Win Situation. The SCLC’s leadership and Rev. Lee would do well to remember it and not become pawns in a game played by people who at the end of the day have never had the best interest of Blacks at heart. –Jasmyne Cannick

What Passes for “Populism” These Days Is Laughable. The Populist experience offers a rich resource for grappling with the current crisis. To make use of it, however, means setting aside nonsense about “sharpened pitchforks,” and learning from a vital historical movement of citizen education and political mobilization. --Charles Postel

They Don’t Call ’Em Landlords for Nothin’. Though you may have accidentally become noble…well, at least, you can vote…the next time you’re writing your rent check remember this: You’re still paying the lord to live on his land and you’re still the villain. --Dave Crow

Explaining the Media’s Anti-Obama Bias. Fortunately, the Internet will not allow the traditional media to again derail the nation’s hopes for progressive change. No wonder the Obama Administration is openly courting bloggers to tell the truth about health care. –Randy Shaw

“Freedom Isn’t Free” — Neither Is Health Care. President Obama must find a way to re-frame the debate in moral terms. Hopefully, he’ll make a series of public appearances this fall culminating in a stadium-size rally where thousands of people can tell their personal health care atrocity stories. --Joseph Palermo

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A Long and Winding Road to Universal Healthcare. Even as Obama takes his case for comprehensive health care reform to the country, only a cockeyed optimist could believe Congress will soon produce anything remotely resembling the universal healthcare. --Dick Price

A Political Strategy to Get Rid of California’s Two-Thirds Rule. The campaign to repeal two-thirds has to be about the status quo, and whether California can afford to continue its budgets the way it’s been done. Talk about public health clinics shutting down, more teachers getting laid off, and more unemployed people. --Paul Hogarth

Daniel Hatton McBride 11/20/1945 – 7/23/2009. After spending the afternoon in the studio rehearsing his new band, doing what he loved best — playing music with his friends — Danny McBride enjoyed a quiet evening with his wife Susan, and then passed away during his sleep in the early morning hours of July 23rd. --Danny McBride

The Elephant in Professor Gates’s House. The Gates Affair reminds us of our sorry history of racial profiling and gives new impetus to ending it. It also suggests that we’re more likely to eradicate profiling if we show our guardians the same dignity that we seek for ourselves. --Robert Fuller

McCain Says Spanish-Language Ads Cost Him Latino Vote: ‘Life Isn’t Fair’. When asked if he thinks immigration reform is possible this year, McCain responded that he “didn’t know,” but that he will not support any legislation that does not contain a legal guest worker program. --Andrea Christina Nill

Healthcare and Free Press: Two Human Rights We Lack. There you have it. For-profit companies best serve the public interest precisely because they are not subject to public control. Why? Because the public wants what is worst for the public. And how does the Washington Post know this? It has dinner with all the right people, and charges them for the privilege. --David Swanson

Kicking Down Doors, Stomping on Rights: New Report Reveals Disturbing Details of ICE Raids. The researchers also found that the ICE home raids had a negative impact on the local police departments and their ability to do community policing. --Michele Waslin

UPDATE 5: “I Love Alaska So Much I Quit”. Sadly for the country, compadres of this group run amok in the nation, blocking health care reform, trying to stop card check, fighting financial industry regulation and taking stimulus money for their state in one hand while slamming it with the other. The GOP once was the Grand Old Party; now, sadly, the initials stand for Goofy Old Poops. --Charley James

Abortion: The 600 Pound Gorilla of Health Care Reform? It should be noted that anti-choice activists not only want to prevent a public insurance plan from covering abortion, they want to prevent private plans from doing so as well. –Paul Matthes

Be Born Again: Reject the Politics of Denial. Reaganomics didn’t work, and we all know it. Nothing ever trickled down — the rich became richer, the poor became poorer, and the middle class got squeezed. –Joanne Turner

The Future of Universal Health Care, as of Now. If you’re able and willing I’d urge you to descend on Washington the moment Congress returns from recess. There is nothing quite as persuasive to a member of Congress as real live constituent demanding real reform. --Robert Reich

Spinning Health Care: A Bad Case of Vertigo. Today, the kind of arguments heard during the early ’60s against guaranteed health care for the elderly can now be heard against establishing a comprehensive single-payer system. --Norman Solomon

Obama Needs a Shot of LBJ. It is way past time for The White House to start playing hardball politics with Congress, and I don’t mean the annoying Chris Mathews version. --Charley James

Costly “Truancy Tickets” Keep LA Students at Home. Many times we prefer to go back home instead of getting ticketed by the police who stand in front of the school waiting for us. --Jorge Morales

That Certain White Smugness. The police unions, the few officers of color who fell meekly behind their blue line, and the many who won’t acknowledge their part in perpetuating inequality, made a dreadful error in supporting Crowley’s arrest of Gates. --Linda Milazzo

Kabul In Encino. Sitting in that auditorium thick with nostalgia for another age, you’ve got to wonder where’s the passion beyond this room? Where’s today’s outrage? Where are the young people inflamed with the outrages of their elders? --Dick Price

Things Get Cleaner with Coke. According to the Internet mailing, a can of America’s Drink can also remove rust from chrome bumpers, loosen rusted bolts, remove grease from clothes, clean windshields, dissolve T-bone steaks or clean truck engines. --Al Martinez