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LA Progressive: April 19 to April 25, 2009


Revisionist History Cannnot Override Long Racial Legacy. If the LAPD is really trying to establish a “new” image, the “new” police headquarters will not have William H. Parker’s name on it. --Anthony Samad

AB 1017 Would Strengthen Laws Regarding Rape Kit Testing. Of 4,718 untested rape kits in the City of Los Angeles, 403 were “stranger rapes” in which DNA testing could have netted a solid suspect. --Anthony Portantino

Tortured Posturing on Harsh Interrogation Techniques. Obama, for political reasons, is not only shielding high-level Bush administration officials from prosecution but even low-level CIA interrogators. --Ivan Eland

The Great Credit Card Battle To Come. And now that tens of millions of Americans are poorer than they used to be, the credit-card bubble is bursting. Credit card delinquencies are soaring. --Robert Reich

Lobbyist Money + Right-Wing Extremists = Tea Party.The white-collar Klan and the regular Klan have entered the 21st century; what the government intends to do about it this time remains to be seen.--David A. Love

Low-Income Latinos and Immigrants Reported “Under Siege” in the South. The SLPC report points to the harmful impact that the absence of a functioning immigration system is having on Latinos and immigrant communities. --Michele Waslin

Saddam Made Them Do It. The Bush White House authorized torture to elicit false confessions, just as the Chinese did with captured American soldiers during Korea. --Charley James

Stephen Hawking: The Man Who Changed How We Understand Everything.Along the way, Hawking found time to write and narrate several television specials based on his theories. --Charley James

Torture Memos: Don’t Prosecute, But Change Law. What we need is the truth, and then we need to tighten the laws against torture to make sure that these abuses do not recur. --John Peeler

Mary McCarthy in Vietnam, Barack Obama in Afghanistan.American troops are not the only ones paying the ultimate price when the US fights foreign wars for ill-considered reasons and misguided goals. --William Astore

Messy Blond Dreadlocks of Grace. The light turned green finally and I was able to read his sign, which said THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. How gracious, I thought. --Wendy Block

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Obama Love Letter to CIA Distorts History.By failing to prosecute the CIA officials’ criminal practices, Obama betrays his sworn obligation to uphold the Constitution. --Sherwoood Ross

Open Veins of Latin America: Obama Should Read It!President Obama could not have a better introduction to the mind of Latin America than this elegant classic. –John Peeler

Obama Reasserts Support of Immigration Reform at Summit of the Americas. Latin American leaders, along with President Obama, hailed the summit as a success. –Andrea Nill

Crazy Man Ahead: Boehner Speaks Out On Cow Farts. In fact, John “Mad Man” or “Cow Fart” or “Man Tan” Boehner – I don’t know which name to stick with anymore –not only is goofy, he’s simply wrong. –Charley James

The Only Thing We Have Is Fear Itself.Fear is the Republicans' most muscular media manipulation, which is a methodical, maniacal measured matrix, used as a political attack tool. –Jerry Drucker

Injured War Zone Contractors Fight to Get Care From AIG and Other Insurers. Civilian workers who suffered devastating injuries supporting the U.S. war effort in Iraq & Afghanistan have come home to a battle for basic medical care. – T. Christian Miller

Why It’s Necessary to Fast-Track Universal Health Care. Obama should fast-track health care and stop trying to court Republicans. – Robert Reich

The Pirates Are Not Just in Pittsburgh Anymore. Obama should fast-track health care and stop trying to court Republicans. – Robert Illes

US to Boycott UN Racism Forum. It appears pressure from Israel and “war on terror” politics may have had a part in the US refusing to attend Durban II –Natalie Davis

Please Investigate War Crimes Now: Please. The evidence grows almost daily that far too many senior Bush people are likely war criminals. They indicted themselves with their own words. –Charley James

Woman to Woman: We Need to Cut This Sh*t Out! This shit makes me sick. We won’t fight for better living conditions, equal pay, access to jobs, an end to gang violence, better schools...–Jasmyne Cannick

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha Cannot Be the Only Black Women Whose Lives Matter to Us in 2009. I cannot be the only Black person who feels that while our educational system is failing our children, as adults we are doing the same. –Jasmyne Cannick

Troy Anthony Davis. A message from Amnesty International regarding Troy Anthony Davis –Sharon Kyle