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LA Progressive: August 23 to 29, 2009

‘Socialized Medicine’ and Hamas: Big Lies Thrive. The conflict between The Big Lie and The Big Truth is really about which side can repeat its points most often. It’s an endurance contest. With so much at stake when it comes to issues like health insurance reform and Middle East peace, now is no time for the side of truth to quit. -Ira Chernus


What The Congressional Research Service Report Really Says About Immigrants And Health Care Reform. While anti-immigrant activists continue to exploit health care reform to recruit support for their nativist agenda, the smartest way to approach both issues would be to pass immigration reform and turn uninsured undocumented immigrants into legal residents who pay into the system. -Andrea Christina Nill

Canada Copies US Customs. Ironically, Bollywood star was traveling to the United States to promote his latest film about post-9/11 racial profiling when he was detained upon entry into the country at Newark’s Liberty (another irony) International Airport. -Ivan Eland

On Cable News, “Truth” Sometimes Resembles “1984″. We have reached the point where truth in history is determined by whoever can buy a news network and get partisans to shout loud and long. Hold onto your birth certificate, just in case. -Tom Palaima

Cry, The Beloved Country. Meanwhile, to my knowledge, only one elected Republican official has called for this to stop. I guess crazy is a pre-existing condition, as Paul Krugman notes in his blog. -Charley James

Health Care Reform? Yes We Can! Although health care nightmare stories abound across the United States, we don’t have to focus simply on the negative. Why not cultivate a positive vision for the kind of health care we deserve as a nation? -Lucia Brawley

A Progressive Dream: Obama’s Poker Game on Healthcare. Once upon a time, in a land far closer than we care to admit, a leader was elected, not selected, by a majority of those who voted, based on a dream of hope. -Wayne Williams

Hope for Health Reform Fading. The White House showed a white flag last weekend, discarding its commitment to a “public option” that would compete with private health insurance. Since then, despite efforts to backtrack, the signal keeps flashing: Obama won’t go to the mat for a public option after all. -Norman Solomon

Lesson of Vietnam Lost in Afghanistan. As with the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army, chances of our destroying the Taliban are slight. Eventually, the Afghans—Taliban or otherwise—will inherit their land and have to assume responsibility for governing. -Stanley I. Kutler

What Happens to Immigration Reform Now That the ‘Stalwart of the Senate’ Is Gone. It’s hard to imagine an immigration bill hitting the Senate floor without Kennedy’s binding support, but the truth is he’s already paved the legislative road for its debut and equipped progressives with the guts and principles to see it through. -Andrea Christina Nill

In California State University System, Students Pay More for Less. If it is true that we do not inherit our society from our ancestors but borrow it from our children, then the current downsizing of the CSU system represents a wholesale larceny against our children and our future, -Joseph Palermo

Don’t Succumb to Deficit Hysteria. The only item worth looking at is the part of the report that predicts the government will have nearly a $1.6 trillion deficit in the fiscal year that ends this September 30 — but not because that number is alarmingly large. It strikes me as alarmingly small. -Robert Reich

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Recommended Articles

The Spirit of Ted Kennedy. In the words of US Senator Ted Kennedy, “we will end the disgrace of America as the only major industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t guarantee health care for all of its people.” -John Delloro


Obama’s Health Care Approach Risks His Base.Activists either insist that the President accept nothing less than a public option, or pave the way for Obama’s further “compromises” on the many other issues once widely thought to represent the ushering in of a new progressive era. -Randy Shaw

“We’re Going to Kill Your Children”: The CIA Inspector General’s Report. But this report shows that when Cheney and other Bush administration officials talked about “working the dark side” — Wow! — they really meant it. Someone has got to go to jail for this. -Joseph Palermo

Why Democrats Should Not Submit To Nativists’ Health Care Demands. Appeasing wingnuts who are spreading lies and misinformation about both runs the risk of legitimizing their position by passing provisions that threaten effective health care reform and set the tone of the immigration debate before legislation is even written. -Andrea Christina Nill

Wake Up California Assembly! Who Are You Punishing with This Prison Budget? If we can’t make sensible reforms to save money in our corrections’ system, then more children will lose their health care, more teachers will be laid off, and more health and safety programs will be cut. Inevitably, we will have more people stealing more pizza and headed off to the only government program left: prison. -Natasha Minsker

Stealing From California’s Young People. The professors will endure. But the students and their families are the true victims here. They’re getting ripped off. The quality of their education is suffering even while they go into debt. -Joseph Palermo

On Town Halls and Health Care Reform: Wasn’t Hitler the One With the Gun? As the GOP and their allies have concluded that all is fair in their attempts to either destroy health care reform (of any kind) and/or gain political leverage against a popular President, I am feeling the need to don a bullet-proof vest. -Tanya Acker

They Say Obama Lies and Grandma Dies. Grandma Dies Anyway Because Co-Pays Are Too High. Any talk of healthcare reform has to take into serious account the skyrocketing costs of co-pays and prescriptions. On the one hand, we can’t play up the benefits of preventative healthcare but then charge the patient an arm and a leg, no pun intended. -Jasmyne Cannick

Our Children Should Not Be Messengers of Hate! Regardless of which side of the religious and socio-political spectrum a child’s parent or guardian is on, that child is innocent. Children are not billboards for hatred, malice and lies. But they can be purveyors of truth, and speak for the greater good. After all, it’s their faces and that most affect us. -Linda Milazzo

How Bad Is America’s Healthcare Crisis? Drawn from a presentation Dr. Matt Hendrickson gave at a Single-Payer Healthcare forum given in Santa Monica last month, our LA Progressive survey was designed to underscore just how dire America’s healthcare system has become—and to give you a chance to test your knowledge and intuitions. -Dick and Sharon

Somebodies and Nobodies: Understanding Rankism. Like abuses of legitimate rank, the use of illegitimate rank is a source of humiliation and indignity. Both expressions of rankism are indefensible violations of human dignity. -Robert Fuller


Gunning for Obama: A Modest Proposal. They are sending a not-so-veiled threat to Obama, So you want to be like JFK? They want him to stop going down the path to what they call “socialism”―you know, the kind that failed in Western Europe. Or was it Eastern Europe. Whatever. -Jonathan David Farley

Mario Solis-Marich: Hope for Progressive Talk Radio. While progressive talk radio may not attract the numbers Limbaugh attracts, there is hope on the horizon. One ray of hope is radio talk show host Mario Solis Marich. Recently, we were invited to do a spot on his show, the Mario Solis Marich Show on Progressive Talk Radio AM 1150 in Los Angeles. -Dick and Sharon