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LA Progressive: July 5 to July 11, 2009

Large Immigrant Populations Keep Cities Safe, Just Ask El Paso, Texas. Many Americans believe that immigrants are associated with high levels of crime. According to criminologist Jack Levin, El Paso is safe because of its immigrant population. --Michele Waslin


Broken Immigration System Breaks Up a Jamerican Family. In the end, 200,000 non-citizens are deported every year and separated from their families, even if the judge believes they should stay. --David A. Love

When Will The Recovery Begin? Never.So instead of asking when the recovery will start, we should be asking when and how the new economy will begin. --Robert Reich

Obama Lights Up Another One. The President shook his head, then patted his shirt pocket and asked, “Pardon me, would you like a cigarette?” --Sherwood Ross

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Tea Bagging California.Just as many of the neo-cons seemingly cross their fingers hoping for a mass-casualty terrorist attack on U.S. soil because they see it as political gold for them, they’re also cheerleading for the economy to remain stagnant. --Joseph Palermo

Message to Obama: We Need a New Deal. One of the striking aspects of the job stats so far this year is the number of out-of-work college graduates. It keeps on growing. --Carl Bloice

North Country Blues: Michael Jackson, Media, Community, and a Small Town Murder. As I stood in front of Dru's grave, I was speechless, even in prayer. I was trying to make sense of 45,000 dead in Congo--people I had no ability to help. I was hoping that if I could reconnect with the death of one person who died senselessly and through no "mistake" of her own, other than being in the wrong place at the right time for her stalker, it would mitigate the anger I was feeling about the media pomp and circumstance over a celebrity's death. --Georgianne Nienaber

Operation Infiltrate the Black Community, Phase Two.Soon, the white gay community will hire black faces to walk through the hood, convincing those that they look like to support the white gay agenda of gay marriage. --Jasmyne Cannick

Date Set for Tauscher Special Election; Unfair Law Rigs Process. But due to an unfair loophole in state law, only one of the viable candidates will be in that run-off – because all four are Democrats. --Paul Hogarth

Activists Rallying to Ensure Obama Administration Brings Change. Why are the usual barriers to progressive change falling? Because, as in the 1930’s, we have grassroots movements who are pushing a sympathetic President to the left. --Randy Shaw

Two Ways to Pay as You Go. This is the question progressives should consider: do we want money for human needs to be borrowed from our grandchildren or taken away from the war machine? That shouldn’t be a difficult choice. --David Swanson

The Queerness of Michael Jackson. We might ask whether Jackson’s queerness was more a function of society’s homophobia than it was his own. –Rev. Irene Monroe

Examiner Reporter Wonders Whether ‘Illegal Alien’ Voter Fraud Helped Franken Win. Anti-immigrant group ALIPAC re-posted an article in which “reporter” Jim Kouri warned against the infinite dangers of “illegal alien voter fraud.” --Andrea Christina

Obamas Welcome Gay Rights Activists to White House. During his remarks, President Obama acknowledged gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, to whom the government recently apologized for firing in 1957, because he was gay. --Carl Matthes

UPDATE 4: Goofy Sarah Blames Reporters So She Invites Them To A Fishkill. Did any of the media really expect Palin would suddenly turn all serious and thoughtful and coherent, giving answers that both made sense and were introspective? --Charley James

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High Court Losses Stun Environmentalists. Environmentalists are 0-for-5 at the high court this term. --Marcia Coyle

Anti-Immigrant Group Argues For Immigrant Population Controls To Lower Energy Consumption. FAIR has released a report based on the mixed-up notion that, in order to reach U.S. greenhouse emission goals, the U.S. must curb immigration. --Andrea Christina Nill

USC Professor Roberto Suro Wants Statue of Liberty Message Erased. Suro thinks most immigrants are “adventurous” and “ambitious,” not “tired and poor.” --Andrea Christina Nill

Iraq: The Coming Train Wreck. The only way to avoid this train wreck is to withdraw U.S. forces as soon as possible, so that they don’t get caught in the melee, and hold a national conclave as the draw down. --Ivan Eland

Snapshots from Abu Ghraib. We have seen the reaction to the September 11th attacks, not just in our own souls but also on the part of our “leaders”. “Be afraid, be very afraid”. --Robert Illes

Super Spy Fly On The Wall Report. We have seen the reaction to the September 11th attacks, not just in our own souls but also on the part of our “leaders”. “Be afraid, be very afraid”. --Jerry Drucker

Arnold’s Bathtub, There is NO WAY Pat Brown would allow the type of cuts Arnold is trying to force onto Californians. --Linda Sutton

Is Sarah Palin a Quitter? While fishing in Alaska, Sarah Palin answers accusations that she is a quitter. Palin says running for president is not off the table. --Sharon Kyle

Why Jimmy Carter’s Malaise Speech Is More Relevant than Ever. In 1979, President Carter jolted Americans with his so-called “malaise” speech. Contrary to most recollections, the speech received a positive response and, according to historian Kevin Mattson, remains timely. --Kevin Mattson

Joe The Plumber Says Immigrants Should Get ‘The Hell Out Of Our Damn Country’. Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher stated that American taxpayer dollars would be best spent on the mass deportation of 12 million undocumented immigrants. --Andrea Christina Nill

Shannyn Moore to Sarah Palin: Sue Me! Please! Threatened by litigation from Palin camp, AK bloggers close ranks, scoff at intimidation effort by cutting-and-running Governor… --Brad Friedman

President Obama, My Response To Your Fourth of July Letter. Mr. President, since your primary responsibility is to protect the American people, as President you must be aware that private insurers place money values above human values. --Linda Milazzo

Love, Political Style. If I hear one more apology from a politician caught humping like a dog in a cornfield with some beguiling pretty while his wife was home I’m going to be sick. --Al Martinez

UPDATE 3: Goofy Sarah’s Goofy Money Problems. This morning’s New York Times which reports today that Governor Sarah Palin resigned because of the rising cost of her mounting personal legal bills. --Charley James

Thousands Speak Out Against California’s Costly and Broken Death Penalty. If the Governor converts all death sentences to permanent imprisonment, he could then use that $1 billion check to actually make California safer by keeping more police on the streets and more crime labs open. --Natasha Minsker

UPDATE 2: Goofy Sarah Stomps Her Feet And Holds Her Breath. In addition to learning few lessons about national politics last fall, neither, apparently did she learn a real world, life lesson: Never pick a fight with anyone who buys newsprint by the ton. –Charley James