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LA Progressive: June 14 to 20, 2009


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Does the Obama Plan for Reforming Wall Street Measure Up? —Robert Reich

California Democrats: “Spreading the Pain” from Sacramento —Joseph Palermo

Black Victims of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ —Herndon Davis

The Italian Job: Border Police Seize $134 Billion in US Government Securities —Charley James

From Analog To Digital: Nothing’s Free Anymore —Anthony Asadullah Samad

To the Fathers Who Lost Their Child —David A. Love

The GOP Keeps Trash Talking Health Care —Charley James

A Requiem for My Traveling Pants —Al Martinez

Immigration And Customs Enforcement—Andrea Christina Nill

The School Lunch That Saved Europe—William Lambers

The Curious Incident of a US Extradition in the Night Time —Denis Campbell

Right-Wing Sedition —Carol V. Hamilton

Mister President, Wassup? —Carl Matthes

Father’s Day: It Takes All Kinds —Jasmyne Cannick

Beyond Unemployment Insurance in the Face of Structural Job Loss—Robert Lechter

What Obama Needs to Learn from the Failure of Bush's Social Security Plan and Clinton's Healthcare Reform—Marc Goldwein

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In Congress: 32 Heroes, 21 Frauds--David Swanson

Better Relations with Iran Require Change in USA Thinking and Policy--Ivan Eland

Romney Tells Ailing GOP Not To Change ‘Principles’ On Immigration—Andrea Christina Nill

Why Funding Wars Is Good for Babies and Your Garden—David Swanson

The Three Essentials of Financial Reform —Robert Reich

Obama, Progressives Face Moment of Truth —Randy Shaw

Empathy, the Truth Behind the Hypocrisy—Tom Hall

California's Death Throes: A View From Sacramento—Joseph Palermo

White Supremecist DC Shooting in Post-Racial America—Herndon Davis

Black America’s Double-Dealing on Drugs—Jonathan David Farley

Single-Payer Would Save Santa Monica $6 Million—Kevin McKeown

The Healthcare War Is Now Official—Robert Reich

Joan Walsh Is Right: Bill O’Reilly Is Vile—Charley James

Rioting "Fans" Taint Lakers Win—Linda Milazzo

Iran: Just Deal With It—John Peeler

Constructing a California Budget That Is Least Injurious to the Most VulnerableKevin de Leon

What Humanity in the Death Penalty?—Minerva Williams

CODEPINK Builds A Playground In Gaza! It's All About The Children!—Linda Milazzo