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LA Progressive: June 28 to July 4, 2009

Spare Us the Elvis-Michael Comparisons—H. Scott Prosterman


President Obama: Help Bring Paula Home—Denis Campbell

Michael Jackson: The BADDEST Entertainer of Our Generation—Anthony Asadullah Samad

Reflections on Racism—Nadia Hijab

After a Century of Overthrows, What’s Washington’s Role?—Alan McPherson

The Chávez-Castro Connection Lies in a Now Forgotten Chapter of the Cold War—Brian Nelson

What Cap and Trade Programs Are Really About—Hugh Gorman

A Homegoing for My Father—David A. Love

Are We in America? Or Are We in a Jungle Where Only the Fittest Survive?—Nancy Becker Kennedy

AFL-CIO Condemns SEIU Raids on UNITE HERE—Randy Shaw

Peaceful Revolution: What Are Moms Rising Against?—Robert Fuller

Minnesotan Nightmare Ends, Job Openings Available for Right Wing Hate Headline Writers—Denis Campbell

Is Barack Obama’s Realism Better than George W. Bush’s Idealism?—Ivan Eland

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Schwarzenegger and the Republicans Cost California $7 Billion—Joseph Palermo

Labor Movement Backs UNITE HERE Against SEIU Raids—Randy Shaw

Immigrant Homebuyers Play Crucial Role in Housing Market Revival—Michele Waslin

Music Video On A Shoestring: Heat Stroke, Heart and Social Media to the Rescue—Georgianne Nienaber

Single-Payers Crashing the Gates—Marcy Winograd

Top Torture Lawyers Still in Government—David Swanson

Anti-Immigrant Group Mistakenly Bashes Cornyn’s ‘Pro-Amnesty’ Stance—Andrea Christina Nill

CIA Crucified Captive in Abu Ghraib Prison—Sherwood Ross

Independence Day Edition!—Ron Wolff

As Labor Faces Turning Point, UNITE HERE National Convention Opens—Randy Shaw

Germany, 1939; America, 2009; And Perverted Science—Sherwood Ross

What is Cap and Trade?—Sharon Kyle

No Nonsense Census—Carl Matthes

Illusion, Reality & Courage in Iran—Carl Bloice