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LA Progressive: May 10 to May 16, 2009

"Judgement at Nuremberg" Spencer Tracy, Marlene Dietrich 1961 U/A Photo by Al St. Hilaire - Image courtesy

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Now It's Inglewood’s Turn to Have a Federal Police Department Watch Dog.Anthony Asadullah Samad

The Republican Contract on California.—Tom Hall

Posters Show the Labor Movement At its Best.—Randy Shaw

Nancy Pelosi, Torture, and Bush’s Warmongering .—Joseph Palermo

Alabama Senator Linked to White Supremacists .David A. Love

AB 56 Would Require Health Insurance Cover Mammograms for Screening or Diagnostic Purposes .—Anthony Portantino

Putting a Smiley Face on the Job Picture Can’t Evade the Growing Tragedy .—Carl Bloice

The Truth Behind the Social Security and Medicare Alarm Bells.—Robert Reich

West Gives Rwandan Rebels, Congolese Soldiers Free Pass on Gang Rape and Murder.—Georgianne Nienaber

Marcy Winograd Campaign Kick-Off Speech .—Marcy Winograd

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Will It Remain Business as Usual in the Middle East? —Mark LeVine

How the U.S. Empire Contributed to the Economic Crisis .—Ivan Eland

A Progressive Challenge to Jane Harman .—Norman Solomon

American Torture: No Knowledge of HIstory, No Sense of Tragedy.--William J. Astore

Why We Risked Arrest for Single-Payer Health Care.—Dr. Margaret Flowers

When the Budget’s in Doubt, Threaten to Let ‘Em All Out.—Jasmyne Cannick

Obama Budget Not a Replacement for Comprehensive Immigration Reform .—Michele Waslin

Arnold and Gavin: Using the Deficit to Scare Us .—Paul Hogarth

Sheila Kuehl: My Take on California’s Propositions .—Sheila Kuehl

Keep on Keeping on with Universal Healthcare .—Dick Price

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Recruit and Arm Citizens, Neo-Nazis Have His Back .—Andrea Christina Nill

Military Fails to Collect from AIG for Care to Injured Contractors.—T. Christian Miller

Geneva Convention Requirements About Prisoners .—Michael Haas