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LA Progressive: May 24 to May 30, 2009

Single-Payer Health Care versus Individual Mandates: A Dilemma for Democrats. --Gene Rothman


What’s Not Being Said About the Obama-Netanyahu Talks. --Carl Bloice

A White Gay’s Guide for Dealing with the Black Community. --Jasmyne Cannick

Lieutenant Dan Choi Takes “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Directly To Obama. --Linda Milazzo

A Tip Without An Iceberg: Americans, Not Canucks, Are The Real Medical Refugees. --Charley James

UN Report: Arms from Sudan Fuel Humanitarian Disaster as Congo/Rwanda Initiative Fails. --Georgianne Nienaber

Stop Wasting Money on Executions. --Ramona Ripston

Is Economic Growth a Delusion? --Steven Stoll

Hot Docs in Cool Toronto. --Charley James

California Needs a New Constitution. --Joseph Palermo

When Will The New York Times Stop Believing The Pentagon? --Charley James

Can Obama Build A Grassroots Health-Care Movement? --Randy Shaw

Marriage Equality, Beyond the Lying. --Tom Hall

Proposition Hate Redux. --Rev. Irene Monroe

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Sotomayor and the Republicans. --Robert Reich

Lady Justice. --Ron Wolff

Prop 8 Ruling: The Measure of a Court. --Sheila Kuehl


Obama Betrays Liberals. --Sherwood Ross

Hiding Behind the Skirts of Women. --Jodie Evans

The Only Sure Way to Fund Universal Health Care. --Robert Reich

Wingnuts Take Aim at Supremes’ Nominee Sotomayor. --Charley James

Intellectual Monopoly Is an Unnecessary Evil. --Art Carden

Award-Winning “Journalism” Targets Obama’s Head. --Virginia Hoge

Why TV Is the Pits. --Charley James

Who Celebrates Our Queer Servicemembers on Memorial Day? --Rev. Irene Monroe

Nazis Were Terrorists, Too. --Steve Ybarra

Save $1 Billion in Five Years—End the Death Penalty in California. --Natasha Minsker

Reports from Flies on Cheney’s Wall and Undisclosed Bunkers. --Jerry Drucker

Special Election: Dear Los Angeles Black Mega Church Pastor. --Jasmyne Cannick