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LA Progressive: May 31 to June 6, 2009


“You Are Now the Owner of a Brand New Car (Company)!”—John Delloro

Should Catholic Justices Recuse Themselves on Certain Cases? —Joyce Appleby

Plea Bargains in the Criminal McJustice System—David A. Love

The United States of Euphemism—William J. Astore

Interpreting the Failure of Prop 1A—Sheila Kuehl

Gay Pride Speaks to Equality —Carl Matthes

LAUSD Canceling Summer School: Do We Really Want to Go There? —Anthony Asadullah Samad

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict—Why the U.S. Should Care Less—Ivan Eland

UFW Alums Battle Over Labor’s Future—Randy Shaw

Baucus Tells Single-Payer Advocates No—David Swanson

The Poor You Shall Have with You Always—Lorraine Payette

Nicaragua’s Revenge, Cuba, The OAS, and Iraq—Sherwood Ross

China Holds the Key to the North Korea Problem—Adam Chapnick

Is Obama Serious About Ending Failed War on Drugs? —Sherwood Ross

Why Do We Tolerate a Massive Prison System That Produces 70% Recidivism Rates? —Cathy Cockrell

The Future of Manufacturing, GM, and American Workers (Part III) —Robert Reich

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Progressives Bear Blame for California’s Woes—Randy Shaw

Trying to be Exclusive, but Acting like Everyone Else—K. Danielle Edwards

Breaking LA’s Auto Dependency—Domenic Priore

What Blacks Can Learn From Gays—Jasmyne Cannick

Cheney v. The United States—Diana Peterson-More

Prisoners’ Rights: An Oxymoron? —Diane Lefer

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Nomination: Obama Gives the Nation Another Teaching Moment—Joseph Palermo

Why Parole Does Not Work in California—Cathy Cockrell

The Future of Manufacturing, GM, and American Workers (Part II) —Robert Reich

How I Witnessed Sarah Palin’s Fuming Anti-Abortion Fanatics—Linda Milazzo

The March of Folly, Continued—Norman Solomon

A New Study Reinforces Growing Influence of Second Generation Latinos—Michele Waslin

Obama Not Marching with Black Pride—Rev. Irene Monroe

The Future of Manufacturing, GM, and American Workers (Part I) —Robert Reich

A Simple First Step Towards Universal Health Care—Charley James

Sonia Sotomayor - A “Safe” or Visionary Pick—Anthony Asadullah Samad

The GOP Has Become A Bugs Bunny Cartoon—Charley James