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LA Progressive: November 1 to 7, 2009 -- Articles


HR 3962 Passes After Generations of Americans Ignored. Last night, the House of Representatives passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act, H.R. 3962. It’s being touted as a major step forward but for those who support Single Payer, it is anything but. -Sharon Kyle

Stop US Meddling: Support Afghan Women at the Table. No where in this war-torn nation do we find a focus on principles that the United States claims to prize so much. The people I met with didn’t ask for a new election: they asked, “Where is the democracy?” -Jodie Evans

Four Lessons That Should Stop Vulnerable Democrats from Cowering from Immigration Reform. Rather than safeguarding their reelection bids, these Democrats are more likely shooting themselves in the foot by deliberately sidestepping issues like immigration reform and climate change which helped Obama win the White House and put many of them in office. -Andrea Christina Nill

The Next Phase of Healthcare Apartheid. The official position of the California Democratic Party is unequivocally in favor of single-payer healthcare. And yet Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, did what she could to sabotage the single-payer position of her own party in her own state. -Norman Solomon

Chomsky Says Obama Continues Bush Policy to Control Middle East Oil. Despite pressure on the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq, Alabbasi reported, Chomsky said the U.S. continues to seek a long-term presence in the country and the huge U.S. embassy in Baghdad is to be expanded under Obama. -Sherwood Ross

Absolute Corruption Is the Rule in America. America’s former middle class is joining the ranks of the poor, and the foreclosed are filling the nation’s homeless shelters. Short of bold government action of Rooseveltian proportions, there will be no economic recovery for everyday people. -David A. Love

Should US Troops in Iraq Be Held Hostage to the Next Election? So why does the US still have 120,000 troops in Iraq? They aren’t for the most part doing patrols anymore. They are just being kept in place so that they can swing into action as soon as the election date is fixed, and protect the electoral process from sabotage by bombing. -Juan Cole

Obama, the Karzai Brothers and the Ghost of Najibullah. In any case, the proper path for the U.S. must not involve continuing to bed down with the feudal warlords and the likes of the Karzai brothers. That puts us on the wrong side of history and decency. -Carl Bloice

US Words Thwart Middle East Peace. So Palestinians will be watching, more closely than most Americans, the House vote on H.R. 867, condemning the Goldstone Report. If it passes, that will be one more signal to the Palestinians that the fine words they’ve heard coming from the White House may have no substance behind them. -Ira Chernus

Wrath of Suburbanites and Independents. The public’s anger arises from the sense that Washington only serves the interests of the rich and powerful while the middle class gets bupkis. When was the last time the federal government did anything for the working middle class? -Joseph Palermo


Will Rev. Bernice King’s SCLC Bully Pulpit Bash Gays? While many in the LGBTQ community now gasp at the reality of Rev. Bernice King being at the helm of SCLC, I gasp at SCLC’s audacity to still call itself a civil rights organization. -Rev. Irene Monroe

Most Black Married Mommas Could Have Been Statistics. If 80 percent of white children were born to single white mothers, can you imagine the hue and cry? There would be national conferences on the issue. -K. Danielle Edwards

Solicitor General Appeals HSPD-12 Case to Supreme Court. The Solicitor General has opened a Pandora’s Box, permitting the Supreme Court to possibly erase all protections that citizens might have against government snooping into the most intimate details of their private lives. The government could engage in a wholesale invasion of privacy. -Robert M. Nelson

Our Candidate-Centered System Needs to Go. Under our system, as you have probably noticed, almost all political resources go to candidates and their advertising campaigns. Granted, a lot of money is required to run for office but a more sound approach would involve party building especially on a local level; party building not so much for elections but for issue campaigns. -Craig Williams

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Recommended Articles

Health Care Debate Triggers Mass Confusion. The media gives false credibility to claims by insurance company-owned politicians that their real motivation is fiscal prudence. No matter that the prospect of large budget deficits never deterred these politicians from supporting wars of choice or deficit-creating tax breaks for the rich. -Randy Shaw

GOP Health Care Bill Excludes All Immigrants From ‘High Risk Pool’ H.R. 3962. Republicans aren’t just opposed to expanding access to health care for undocumented immigrants, they’re against providing any assistance to all “high risk” seriously ill immigrants, regardless of their immigration status. -Andrea Christina Nill

New Report Details the Chilling Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Workers’ Rights. Our broken immigration system gives unscrupulous employers an incentive to hire unauthorized workers and exploit them—often resulting in depressed wages and working conditions for all workers in that workplace. -Michele Waslin

How Obama Can Convince Congress to Enact a Larger Stimulus, and Why He Must. The Administration’s biggest economic mistake so far was to badly underestimate last January how bad the employment situation would become by Fall. As a result, it low-balled the stimulus — settling for a plan that, while avoiding even worse job losses, didn’t go nearly far enough. -Robert Reich

Wall Street and Goldman Sachs Party On. It’s ironic that all we hear on FOX News and right-wing talk radio is how “socialistic” the Obama Administration is when in reality the way the administration has handled the Wall Street crisis is anything but “socialistic.” -Joseph Palermo


Obama Resuming Bush’s “Extraordinary Renditions”. With some modifications, the Obama administration appears to be carrying forward the ugly practices of the Bush and Clinton imperial presidencies, hardly the “change” for which the American people had hoped. Unless you count “chump change.” -Sherwood Ross

Health Care Reform is Critically Important, But Getting Americans Back to Work Is More So. If Obama and the Democrats lose one or both houses of Congress in the midterms, it will be because the president learned only the most superficial lesson of the Clinton years. Health-care reform is critically important. But when one out of six Americans is unemployed or underemployed, getting the nation back to work is more so. -Robert Reich

Dangerous People Needed. Ellsberg risked life in prison to expose the lies that had taken this nation into war in Vietnam, lies from Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. And Nixon believed that Ellsberg had incriminating documents on his own lies, which led Henry Kissinger to call Ellsberg “the most dangerous man in America.” -David Swanson

Afghanistan: War Theatre of the Absurd. Now, paying off the opposition does seem to have calmed things down in parts of Iraq (recent Baghdad bombings notwithstanding), and thereby provided us with an opening to carry through with the agreement we made with the Iraqi government to get our troops out of there. Maybe it can work in Afghanistan too. -John Peeler

Obama Still Doesn’t Quite Get It. U.S. meddling in the Muslim world and elsewhere continues because politically powerful interest groups benefit from the policy at the expense of the general public. -Ivan Eland

The Rape of Hope. Are there, in fact, thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — of young people who face the future with a brooding face and a heavy heart, uncertain whether any portion of the American dream will ever collide with what currently passes for their lives? -Ron Wolff

Humana Trolls College Campuses for Whores. Humana is trolling college campuses looking for whores willing to accept money to be on-line promoters of an anti-reform policy that’s against the student’s own, best interests – or will be, once they leave school and are on their own. Given the state of the economy, no doubt Humana will be overwhelmed with applications. -Charley James

Sessions Lies About Unemployment Benefits Going To ‘Illegals’. Undocumented immigrants may possess stolen or fake SSNs, but if they try to apply for public benefits, the likelihood of them getting caught is very high. -Andrea Christina Nill

An American Diplomat and A British Soldier Tell their Leaders They Have No Clothes: No to the Afghanistan War Strategy. When senior policy makers will not be honest with decision makers, sometimes it’s the more junior government employees who have the strength of character and courage to tell their Presidents and Prime Ministers when they and their policies have no clothes. -Ann Wright