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LA Progressive: October 18 to 24, 2009 -- Articles

Drinking Motivational KoolAid: How It All Works Financially. Even the soberest fiscal conservatives cannot avoid the power of this pitch and will jump out of his or her seat with wallet wide open! You may get in for $19, but more than half of you will spend many hundreds if indeed not thousands more. - Denis Campbell


No Diet COLA for Seniors: Fight the Freeze & Save Social Security!Ever since former President Roosevelt proudly handed the first social security check to another former president, Harry Truman, the right wing in this country has been driven to destroy the greatest safety net to emerge from the New Deal. - Marcy Winograd

Who Wants to Be Governor of the Failed State of California? f the miserable status quo continues and the Republicans succeed in their long-term project of turning California into a failed state the time might not be far off when the labor unions of this state are going to have no choice but to call for some kind of General Strike. - Joseph Palermo

Black Unity: Can It Ever Happen? The fact is, if we had waited for Black unity to come about on the simple question of whether Barack’s candidacy was credible before we supported him, Obama would have never been elected, because the divide was in evidence and deeply entrenched. - Anthony Asadullah Samad

Arnold: Aid for Rape Victims Costs Too Much. Despite Shriver’s political agenda, and amid a raft of budget cuts affecting women and children – including $16 million from domestic violence programs and $50 million from Healthy Families – the rape kit veto underscored the message that women in California count for less in the Schwarzenegger regime. - Susan Rose

The Next Nasty Attack from the Right. The global warming debate is going to be painful, particularly if the make-Obama-fail crowd has its way, and if the major media does its usually sloppy job of defining the issue. Nonsense like “death panels” come to mind. - Carl Bloice

Small Farmers Fight Land Theft in Colombia. Much of what has happened in Colombia in the past 20 years is the violent theft of land, a major reason why Colombia has the second highest number of internally displaced people in the world. - Patrick Bonner

Why Wall Street Reform Is Stuck in Reverse. Executives and traders on the Street have become the single biggest sources of money for Democrats as well as Republicans. And with mid-term elections looming next year, you can bet every member of Congress has a glint in his or her eye directed at the Street. - Robert Reich

Morehouse’s Intolerance toward Gays.If Morehouse is to continue to be the jewel of black academia, nurturing the talents and gifts of its exceptional black men, it must ask itself to what degree does its tradition hinders its goal. - Rev. Irene Monroe


Homophobic Music and Hate Crimes Still a Big Problem. Musical lyrics promoting the killing of people should never be the chorus of any tune. That, however, is not the case for Buju Banton, a reggae singer whose music promotes the violent murder of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. - Jorge Amaro

Governor Rick Perry and His Texas Death Machine Are In Big Trouble. Rick Perry and Sharon Keller now have ethical clouds hanging over their heads. They utilized death as a political tool, but now, ironically, the death machine that helped bolster their careers could be their undoing. - David A. Love

Anti-Immigrant Front Group Launches Ad Campaign Claiming Reduced Immigration Will ‘Save The Earth’. According to CAPS’ logic, “immigration and births to immigrants” lead to unsustainable population growth which leads to global warming and is amplified by the fact that immigrants’ energy use quickly becomes “Americanized” when they move to the US. - Andrea Christina Nill

Barack Obama in the Footsteps of James Meredith. But, to those across the country who remembered watching the televised reports of the battle of Ole Miss in 1962, his election seemed to be nothing short of the winning of a war. It was the culmination of a long and painful struggle for equal opportunity fought by pathfinders like James Meredith whose courage made Obama’s election possible and gave Meredith a moment to celebrate. - Frank Lambert

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Recommended Articles

Wall Street Is More of a Threat to Obama’s Domestic Agenda than Afghanistan. The Congress, always in hock to Wall Street, is dragging its feet in passing anything near the sweeping regulatory restructuring that is needed if we are to prevent Goldman Sachs and the rest of the gang from exploiting their “moral hazard” by using the federal treasury as the mother of all “credit default swaps.” - Joseph Palermo

Fear of Illness. The virus, though, only appears to be as deadly as other yearly viruses as the deaths associated with the new virus are at a minimum. But the fear is now established and people want the vaccine. - S. Blair Fox

Weimar America. Our democracy is under attack. Men in high public office and with control over our national airwaves are deliberately stoking a potentially violent movement opposed to our democratic process. - Steve Hochstadt

The Plight of the Right of Return. The whirlwind of summiteering on climate change, non-proliferation, the economy, and Iran swept the Arab-Israeli conflict off the news – but not before Barack Obama had spoken of a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.” That startling turn of phrase – used just before his trilateral with Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu – is a throwback to a much earlier era of American peacemaking. - Nadia Hijab

The Despair of Childcare. Organizations like Moms Rising are fighting to raise awareness about a number of issues that make the industrialized United States seem like an anachronism compared to its counterparts. Excellence in childcare is on the agenda - K. Danielle Edwards

Ted Turner Would Fire Lou Dobbs. Why has Jonathan Klein, President of CNN/US, has kept Dobbs employed for this long – considering Dobbs’ vengeful attacks on Latinos, Latino organizations, ACORN, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and more? - Linda Milazzo

Fraudulent Afghan Election Raises Odds Against American “Success”. The fraudulent Afghan election of last August 20th has delayed the possibility of a new regime taking over promptly to replace the corrupt rule of the discredited, U.S. hand-picked President Hamid Karzai. - Sherwood Ross

U.N. Envoy Says Womens’ Breasts “Hacked Off:” Congo Refuses to Arrest Commander. In a stunning example of a government washing its hands of responsibility, DR Congo’s Information Minister Lambert Mende said the authorities were “aware of the massacre” but would not arrest Zimulinda because they feared the consequences would be too great. - Georgianne Nienaber

Yet Again, The Army Fails Its Troops. No doubt the Pentagon was relieved because the report tears a strip off the Army for not giving commanders in Iraq – and, by extension, Afghanistan – the necessary tools, training and guidance to handle at-risk soldiers. - Charley James

Who Is Better Off for All America’s Wars? The Pentagon has covered the globe with 1,000 military bases for “defense” and is busy devising ingenious ways to attack the earth from space, develop germ warfare and threaten and control any and every other country with its 11 mobile nuclear navies. - Sherwood Ross

Like Letterman, Obama Needs to Refuse to Pay Hush Money. But if Obama doesn’t weigh in forcefully and say “no” to the hush money for Big Pharma, big insurance, and the AMA, America’s middle class will get walloped. And if the walloping starts before 2012, Sarah Palin or some other right wing-nut populist will wallop Obama. - Robert Reich


Protesters Hated Medicare. Medicare was once just as hated as the public option by the right. But it didn’t take long for them to adjust to the idea. Listen to Dr. Don Broder discuss his personal accounts of … - Sharon Kyle

Margaret Flowers Makes the Continuing Case for Single-Payer Reform. According to PNHP, this would save more than $400 billion per year, enough to provide comprehensive, high-quality coverage for all Americans. - Sharon Kyle